Random Tuesday – A brief reprieve

  • I actually turned down some grading work because I have just been so overwhelmed that when I dropped off finished stuff, I was so damned relieved to be done. I just couldn’t bear to take on any more.
  • I feel like a huge burden has been lifted from my shoulders; I still have work to do tomorrow before 5 but for now, I can take a breather.
  • I’m writing this on Monday night and Bugsy is on.  I have a.) always been into the mob and mobsters and b.) been fascinated by Warren Beatty and Annette Benning.  He was such a player until he met her. You have to give props to a woman who can put an end to a man’s gallivanting ways.
  • I have decided that I could go the rest of my life only eating breakfast… for all meals.  I’m in love with it.
  • Seeing as how it is Fat Tuesday, I should be eating pancakes today.
  • But we’re eating pizza tonight.
  • I’m taking the next few days in stride; Ash is gone all tomorrow for work (will be home later at night), then my neighbors head out Wednesday (moving), then my boys and hubs leave Thursday. A week full of upheaval.
  • But on that note, I will have Thursday all to myself. Granted, I will be cleaning for my mom’s arrival Friday but still. Whatever will I do with myself?
  • Who am I kidding? I’ll spend the night watching dumb TV and browsing the web.
  • So I have been coerced into being the alternate for an on-going Bunco game. I know very little about how the actual game works; I know it’s about women getting together to gossip and drink more than anything. A woman Ash works with has a group but with any largish group of people, there’s usually one person who can’t make it. So that’s where I come in. At least this time – as opposed to last time – I have about a week’s notice.
  • You see, I am truly an introvert (though I can be very chatty) so I need time to get used to the idea of being forced to socialize. I only know the one woman so I’ll need to be in the right frame of mind to enter into a situation with some unknowns.
  • I didn’t have class last week because we did individual conferences and then we have no class Thursday or next week for Spring Break. Today is the only day I have to go teach amidst all that. Do I want to? Hell no. But I must. Off to prepare; see y’all on Wednesday!

Here, have some yummy. I am undone by beards and tattoos lately.a267908b9485f21fffdc8fc5fd0ee78284d9fb9e0ee42beaeed54bb326771cb78edfb034db21b21d88db32c269dfa69e96ba86db05edca7b611869979f8e1f4183170c49e74422be4d220b1da0d30995

2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – A brief reprieve

  1. Some weeks are just like that. We will be having a busy weekend, but we are looking forward to it, should be fun.

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