Ok, let’s see how quickly I can bang out some sort of quality post before I have to work because OMG, do I have a lot of it to do!

We had quite a nice weekend. We’ve been working our way through both LOTR and Back to the Future with the boys so we did that throughout. On Saturday, I managed to clean up around the place and we went to Sonny’s for lunch. Naps were had and toys were played with; laundry was done.

Now Sunday, well, we got up and started doing stuff early. I made breakfast, started laundry, ran 2.5 miles, then Ash and I started pressure washing the house.  We have three sides brick but the back is vinyl siding. The neighbors have a nice pressure washer but well, they move on Wednesday. 😦 We found a way to break said pressure washer but we got them a new wand and went about our business. The house looks great now! I can’t tell you how else the weekend was good but it had an overall feeling of greatness. It was just not very stressful, let’s put it that way.



I heart freebie weeks. So I’m gonna start with Jason Aldean – 1994. Then, I’ve chosen some songs from 1994 that I liked at the time.

That last one reminds me of living in South Florida SO much. Sometimes I miss it.

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