The End of WWTK

Incognitus Scriptor

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This meme is dead, sad to say. Not a lot of people linking up and well, I’ve become that host: the one too busy to keep up. It is my plan to resurrect it some time in the near future but that depends on two things. 1.) Finding a co-host and 2.) Revamping it to be something slightly different; new and exciting.

So check back often!

6 thoughts on “The End of WWTK

  1. Sorry about that- I have had several memes die along the way myself. I Think the trouble with this one is people needed the questions ahead of time, I know I write my posts ahead of time so often would end up not doing this as I already had a post written by the time I got e-mailed the questions.

  2. I’m sorry that you decided to let the meme go for now, but I totally understand! It is hard to keep something up and going when life is so busy. Let me know if and when you decide to bring it back! I’d love to help spread the word 🙂

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