Random Tuesday – Finding time to blog

I actually never thought I’d see a day come when I was pressed for time to write here. I’m not giving up; not every week will be like this. I am just over-committed on various tasks right now. I pace myself fairly well when it comes to being super busy but sometimes, I just have to stop and play a mindless game for five minutes instead of use my brain. But otherwise, every minute of my day is full.

Last night, I made the kids and I dinner while Ash went out and then we went to Costco for essentials; you know, toilet paper, paper plates, and Goldfish. Got home, put the baby to bed then started the boys down that road. We read books and gave hugs, said our goodnights, then I got on the couch to watch me some Olympics. I was feeling fine,  not even all that tired. But right around 9 PM, a horrible dizziness came upon me, accompanied by a gurgling stomach and nausea. It was so odd; I didn’t eat anything that may have triggered it. And today, I feel absolutely normal. My guess is that I had a touch of Elliot’s 24 hour affliction. Thank GOD I feel better today; I ain’t got time for that.

There has been a guy missing from town for about two weeks. It’s a sketchy situation in that he told people he was a college kid but he wasn’t enrolled. And his mother said he recently graduated. Anyway, he went missing and today, they’ve found a body. It’s not looking good for that guy.

Motivation evades me; deadlines push me to keep plugging away but really, my mind is just not in it this week. I stare down stacks of papers to be graded and then I turn back to another computer window. I play a quick game of Candy Crush, I write a paragraph in my blog. I look at photos of my kids, then go back to grading, slightly energized by my brief respite.

Cookies. I want cookies. And cakes. Chocolate and strawberry and the kind with fluffy lemon frosting. I want key lime pie and boston cream pie donuts. And I don’t know why I want so many sweets. That’s not really like me. Perhaps this is my way of dealing with the overwhelming amount of work. And with that, I am off to do it, but will be dreaming about huge custard filled donuts.


2 thoughts on “Random Tuesday – Finding time to blog

  1. My carb cravings come with that particular time of the month. I want all and any carbs I can find then. Motivation is low here as well, but I keep plugging away.

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