WWTK – Self-Love and Spreading the Love

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1. What are your three favorite things about yourself?

2. What are your three favorite things about your significant other?

3. They say that love is in the little things, what is a little thing that someone does to show you love?

4. Who was your teenage celebrity crush?

5. Who is your celebrity crush?


1. I am NOT very good about finding things about me to like, sad as this is. BUT, if I have to choose I will say I like that I am loyal, almost to a fault. I  do like my calves, as they are pretty muscular. And finally, I like that I am creative. I can write.

2. Oohh, not a tough one but tough to narrow down. He wouldn’t be my S/O if I didn’t like stuff about him! Let’s see, I like that he always knows what I need/want, even when I don’t. Sometimes it’s a little unnerving but I appreciate it. He’s never afraid to be himself or speak his mind (sometimes that’s annoying!) but he’s not fake. And I’ll say that I like that he has roughly the same ideas about raising kids as I do. We hardly ever disagree on that.

3. Hmm, let’s see. The first thing that came to mind is when Isaac tells me he likes my toe nail polish. He says it now because he knows I will praise him for being sweet so in that way, he’s showing he loves me but also, garnering love from me. It’s mutual.

4. LOL I had a lot of celebrity crushes, to be honest. I remember in 5th grade trading a picture of Patrick Swayze out of Teen Bop magazine for one of John Stamos. But I really liked: Axl Rose, Brad Pitt,and Jared Leto. axl-roseimagesquestion

5.Can I pick more than one? Daniel Craig, David Boreanaz, and model Todd Finlay because GUH.download2008 Fox Upfrontstumblr_mkj5dueUPn1qmr5nio1_1280

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