Randomizer set to: ON

  • You know what time I got in bed last night? 8:30! Ash was super tired so I finished folding clothes, took the dogs out, and got under the covers. I didn’t actually sleep until about 10 but still; that’s a good night’s rest.
  • Before falling asleep, I finished reading a novel in three parts by Kresley Cole, who normally writes paranormal romance but this, THIS… Lordy. She wrote about this Russian enforcer and dear God, it was intense.
  • Now I am back to reading Wild and though it’s good, I don’t get through much at a time.
  • I drank a St. Pauli Girl last night because my grandpa always drank that. It wasn’t very good; in fact, it lacked any sort of bite or… weight. I like to feel my beer, if that makes sense. It was almost like drinking slightly alcoholic water. This makes me sad because… Grandpa.
  • The weather got all funky here. It is gray, as it has been for almost an entire month, but it’s not cold. Today is 63/78. Florida, you’re drunk. Go home.
  • A Ziggy Marley song came onto my SiruisXM Jimmy Buffet radio station this morning and I had an instant reaction: I yearned to be on a sunny beach. It was a little shocking how immediate my response was: my brain flashed me an image of St. George Island and I felt that undeniable happiness I get from being on a chair in the sun, the gulf’s waves lapping the shore, birds calling overhead. Only a few more months perhaps. We went for the first time last April – April 13th looks like:8648630730_01194a972e_cIt was clearly very sunny because look at Elliot’s face; lol.
  • I don’t know BG (Baby Girl) will do on that drive, which is about an hour and a half. Last time we took a longer drive, she was unhappy to say the least.
  • I have to go teach now, because that’s what I do. But then I get to come back and do other things. Having multiple jobs is stressful. I need a cookie. Or more coffee. BUT, they’re putting a Dunkin Donuts right by my building. So there’s that!

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