MMMM + Tiring weekend

GROAN. ::Scrubs hands over face, stretches back, takes one long glorious sip of coffee::

Rough weekend y’all.  Ash had an all-day card tournament Saturday so it was me with the three hellions kids. I shouldn’t complain because he took the boys out for about two hours in the morning and baby girl slept so I took my first shower without a plastic bag on my arm (to protect sutures) in two weeks. It… was… wonderful. But for the rest of the day, I was ON and it never let up. Took the kids to the store, got home and started doling out their chicken from the deli and that is when we realized that Elliot was sick. He had chills and didn’t feel like eating. Heap onto that the fact that Baby Girl was taking nothing more than 20-30 minute naps and it was a looong day. Since no one was all that hungry, I wasn’t about to make a big dinner so I made four different things at different times. UGH. Ash got home shortly after nine and I am pretty sure we were in bed soon after. He had a marathon the next morning, after all.

I was up around six with him and mostly flitted about the house doing little things until it was time to go watch him finish his race. Goal time was 3:45 but he hit about 3:53, which disappointed him but I still think it’s amazing. I know people who don’t finish half marathons in that time. Hell, I haven’t done a full and doubt I ever will. But who knows?

We pretty much hung out all day; his legs hurt and Ell was still recovering. Baby Girl slept for two hours. which allowed me to also sleep. Thank God. We got Chipotle for dinner then ate some special Superbowl cookies and watched the game. Can you say blow out? I didn’t care who won; I was happy with both teams. Normally, there’s one team who I do NOT want to win (i.e. anyone named the 49ers) but this year, I would be pleased with either outcome. Baby Girl had issues with sleep between 11 and 1 but she figured it out, thankfully. But I am still exhausted. But I also feel motivated, which is good because I have a lot to do!




I love freebie weeks! Here’s a song I somehow JUST discovered, considering I know the Stevie Wonder songbook pretty well. Or so I thought.

For some reason, that song made me think of this song:


8 thoughts on “MMMM + Tiring weekend

  1. It’s been awhile since I heard Stevie’s “Ribbon in the Sky” and what a treat it was to hear it again this morning. And I’ve always loved Vince Gill since I started listening to his music after he married Amy What’s-her-name and they had the scandal. No judgment here, just glad I found Gill. Have a great week and Happy Monday!

  2. You have definitely had a rough week/end.
    I hope things get a bit easier during the week and that everyone begin to feel better.

    And while I know nothing about Marathons, that seems like a pretty good time!

    Thanks for rocking the music!
    – jamericanspice

  3. I’m agreeing with you on this Stevie Wonder one. I have never heard this one nor ever saw the video. I thought I knew them all! He’s really young there too isn’t he, but he could sing the phone book and I’d love it. Vince Gill is such an emotional singer, and shares that emotion so well & he’s got a great high pitch for a man, just a great vocal, but also new to me. Thanks for sharing these great tunes. YOU ROCK GIRL!

  4. Stevie Wonder is awesome! I liked both teams in the Super Bowl, as well. However, I favored the Broncos over the Seahawks only because we are huge Peyton Manning fans. We have two Chiptole’s in town. One is open, and the other will soon. Perhaps soon we can give them a try. It appears to be a fast food Mexican restaurant, am I right? Great to dance with you today!

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