On the edge of

Do you ever feel like you’re waiting for something to happen but can’t remember what it is? There’s this slight nagging feeling in the back of my mind, telling me that something is coming but I don’t know what. I can only posit what it might be: a new month? The tearing-down-the-deck project? Spring?

I stopped into Whole Foods this morning for some breakfast, because my suture removal appointment isn’t until 9:30. The “snow” day on Wednesday really threw off my motivation this week and this also doesn’t help. I have papers to grade in both classes and soon, an editing job I agreed to do for someone. Time to buckle down!

But what I really want is warm weather and to start running again. I feel flabby and kind of gross. Not that I really look forward to the pain of running but I remember how quickly things start to tighten up. It usually starts with the outer thighs and calves; they just slim right down. Then through my hips and sides, I can feel the fat melting away. My back feels stronger and I breathe better. Sadly, the leftover baby fat in the front is the last to go but this time, I plan to find some kind of ab blasting exercise to do. Pushups were working but my hand will still be off the table for a little while longer.

This weekend, we’re supposed to see temps in the mid-70s and I am doing a little happy dance for the warmth. I may have been born in Maryland but I’m a Florida girl and the cold just kills me. Bring on the heat any day. I want sunny, dry days and more than anything, I want to lay in the sun and feel it. I hate being cold! But, this brings us back to the running; I don’t like laying out in the sun and feeling like I’m overweight in the few clothes I am wearing. SO, I have one year and eight months to be in really good bathing suit shape. Totally doable, right? When Ash and I take our big Hawaii vaycay, I want to look even better than I did on our honeymoon, which was the smallest I’d been in a long time. But it will be our ten year anniversary, I’ll be done having kids/breastfeeding, and it will be high time to reclaim me.

In the meantime, I have to start small. If cleared to, I begin running this weekend. Maybe just a mile or two. But the burn in my legs  and the blood pumping through my veins will feel so good. I can hardly wait.

2 thoughts on “On the edge of

  1. I won’t start running again until April or May–the outdoor weather just won’t cooperate until then.
    I know the feeling you are talking about–it always makes me edgy.

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