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1. Are you an emotional person or do you tend to hold things in?

2. Do you cry at commercials?

3. Name a movie or movies that make you cry. (If none, then that’s ok)

4. Name songs that may make you cry (If none, then that’s ok)

5. In times of panic or when you feel overwhelmed, are you more likely to buckle down or break down?


1.I used to be a lot more prone to crying when I felt stressed but I was never moved by other peoples’ emotional issues until I had children.

2.I DO cry at commercials, depending on what it’s about. Publix commercials kill me!

3. Hmm, tough one. I can’t think of any specifically but if someone dies and they do it right, I will bawl like a baby. Oh ok, so the first ten minutes of Up would make anyone lose it.

4. There goes my life: Kenny Chesney. It’s about a high school boy who gets a girl pregnant and he’s all scared. Then his daughter is born and he loves her and then she goes to college… I tear up just typing that!

5. I have to say, these days, I don’t have time to break down. I have kids and jobs and I can’t be bothered. But sometimes, if it all weighs too heavily upon me and if the kids are in bed and all is quiet, I allow myself the time to let it all go a little. Sometimes a good cry can be very cathartic.download

3 thoughts on “WWTK -Emotions!

  1. You want to hear something REALLY sad?? I haven’t seen Up. OK, I think a friend of mine brought it over to watch once and I fell asleep. I really need to see Up, I always hear how good it is…

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