Friday confessions – Discombobulated

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I confess… This has been a LONG week. School began and my job was crazy busy. I like being busy though. And I like my 365 day calendar: For Women Who Do Too Much. Ain’t it the truth.

I confess… I am trying to save money but I may wander down to ye olde bookstore and check out the National Championship shirts. My favorite FSU shirt  – the one with a threat about our War Chant – has a hole under the arm. Boo!

I confess… I am going to lunch today at 11 and I’mma eat me a huge burger. I start a new running plan on Tuesday – just a 10k trainer – but all excesses will stop on that day. With the exception of beer. I have to have beer.

I confess… I have had an issue getting this post written. It’s gray and misty outside, my hair is all kinds of crazy today, and I keep getting sidetracked. Also, one week from today, I’ll be having hand surgery. Yikes!

I confess… I am trying very hard to break the cycle of falling asleep on the couch. I feel great when I get home, motivated. I make dinner and we watch some TV, read some books, but when it comes time for the kids to go to bed, I start to lose it. Last night, I was half asleep on the couch and still talking to them about bedtime prep. It was insane.

And I confess that I am outta here.

2 thoughts on “Friday confessions – Discombobulated

  1. I know what it is like to find one’s self so worn out at the end of the day and wanting to do nothing much but still having things to do thankfully now that I am not mum to young children I can just chill and do nothing of an evening.

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