WWTK – What you’re good at

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1.) Share with us a recent recipe you made that was a success

2.) Tell us a tip or trick you have for making something simpler
3.) Are you organized? Why or why not?
4.) How do you remember to do certain tasks?
5.) Tell us one thing that you’re really good at.
1.) Ok, this is super simple but I made brussel sprouts the other night. They get a bad rep but roasted, they’re good. I did them in a bowl with olive oil, course salt, and pepper. Then put them on a baking sheet at 400 for about 20-25 minutes. The recipe I followed said 35 but that’s way too long. They brown up TOO much. I loved them but no one else did.tumblr_me7ff5SZfv1qh8ne2
2.) Man, I stumped myself with this question. I guess the first thing that came to mind was how I organize lunch fixins in my fridge. When I make the kids’ lunches in the morning, it’s all in one area.IMG_5092
3.) I am fairly organized, yes. I keep a budget and I have a mental to-do list that I usually don’t waiver on. I make lists and I check off things as I go. And I am trying to get better about using y phone’s calendar because that helps a lot.android_calendar
4.) As stated above, I make extensive lists but what i want to try are bullet journals. Have you heard of these? Miss Zoot is where I found out about them.maxresdefault
5.)Hmm, one thing I am really good at… I am pretty darn good at being the woman of the house. i may not be the best mom all the time or the best wife but I run that place well and keep us all going and for the most part, I think everyone still likes me. LOL.good_versus_bad

3 thoughts on “WWTK – What you’re good at

  1. Yum… I’d try those brussel sprouts! I’m learning that’s a good way to do anything “green” – kale, broccoli… brussel sprouts… I’ve only tried the kale “chips”, but I hear the others are good too.

  2. Nick would love those brussel sprouts. Roasting makes lots of veggies quite tasty.
    I would love to be able to use my phones calendar, but it just isn’t functional for me. I want one that let’s me make notes, but doesn’t require it to be an appointment.

  3. fyi– brussel sprouts are gross.

    I guess I’ve been doing bullet journaling all along and didn’t know it! I make my to do list in a spiral notebook… I don’t have a front page index though… maybe I should start!

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