MMMM + Weekend of pretty much nothing

So yeah, we didn’t do much of anything this weekend. Friday afternoon, Ash and I had Cracker Barrel, which was nice and warming for a cool and rainy day. We then saw Thor: The Dark World, which I thought was pretty fantastic. When the first one came out, I wasn’t sold on it from the preview but thought the movie was great. This one was likewise. I really just like that world. Also, Chris Hemsworth is tasty. I don’t think I understand the draw to Hiddleston, though I love the Loki character. Guess we’re all different!thor-vs-loki-thor-_144136-fli_1378661774

Anyway, after the movie we still had time so Ash and I did a bit of preliminary Xmas shopping at Toys Be We (that’s what my dad always called it; Ash calls it Toys my rump; don’t ask!) The boys are getting Disney Infinity as a joint gift this year. Even though we have Skylanders, Ash wants them to get that one too. Sigh. See, he and I buy our gifts separately so if he wants to go all out, so be it. I got them a few cool stocking stuffers and a few things that i knew Isaac would like: Jake and the Neverland Pirate bath ship and some Spongebob figures. When we got home, Ash was super tired and the boys wanted to watch Elf, so we all took up residence on the couch. I made a late dinner and then we all pretty much went to bed early.

The next morning, Ash took Ell for his 2 miler and then I ran about 3.5 by myself, which was awesome. I do well when I run with him because I am always talking him up, which in turn helps me. But it was kind of nice to turn insular and mentally challenge my post-baby body. We then went to Sonny’s for lunch and then grocery shopping. FSU beat the pulp right outta Syracuse in the afternoon and I made spaghetti in the evening. Well, technically I made it for Ash and Elliot; I had a bowl of guacamole with chips and Isaac had a mini pizza.

I meant to go to church Sunday morning while Ash ran his 15 miler but I just couldn’t get started. So I cleaned instead. The day before, I had taken apart my vacuum’s various cleanable parts and really gave it a once-over. It’s kind of a hunk of junk but this definitely helped it pick up dirt a bit better. I have asked for one for Christmas.

I baked some cookies then made a lasagna; did some laundry, watched football, watched some Breaking Bad eps, then fell asleep, exhausted. The boys weren’t bad this weekend but Dakota cried a lot. I blame the full moon!


I couldn’t find a song I actually liked that contained pink so I chose a Pink song that has Jeremy Renner in the video. He looks hot.

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Weekend of pretty much nothing

  1. Cracker Barrel is always a treat around here as the closest one is over an hour away.
    Nick and I are thinking about what to get the boys for Christmas, but the actual getting has to wait.

  2. I am eager to see the new movie with Thor. I was surprised when I discovered I liked the first one, so I am anxious to see if this one is just as good. Great to have you on the dance floor!

  3. Loved your “Pink” song for today. I have not seen the new Thor yet, due to a headache, but I do plan on seeing it. I think Tom Hiddleston plays a good Loki character. Chris Hemsworth plays Thor well, too. I guess my favorite Avenger is Captain America!

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