Friday Confessions – Pretty Random this week

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I confess… it made me a little sad that we didn’t make it to the fair this year. We almost always go and I hold a special place in my heart for the lights, the sounds, and of course, the food.6337395130_eabec2934d_z

I confess… I always wished that my kids would go through a cowboy phase and want boots and a belt with old-fashioned guns. We did own a crappy cowboy hat when Ell was little but he wasn’t thrilled about it. And for Christmas one year he got some guns but they were quickly lost. I guess that’s just something that kids don’t get into that much anymore.3673771042_4eef5376db_z

I confess… I am anxious to start my Christmas shopping but then I catch myself by the scruff of the neck and yank me back into November and into the Thanksgiving mindset. I don’t WANT to get too ahead; I like making this meal, even though it is crazy stressful. This weekend, I will be on the hunt for the right size bird.

I confess… I went ahead and fired up the xmas music. There’s a playlist on Spotify that begins with the Carpenters and oh, how I do love those songs. I know it’s cheesy but I don’t care; the songs make me feel good.

I confess… I lost track of how many weeks old Dakota is. I had to look on a calendar to realize that tomorrow, she will be 15 weeks. OMG. Where has the time gone? Here she is with daddy at the parade this past weekend.20131111_114243


I confess… we might go ahead and watch Elf this weekend. I absolutely love that movie. The funny thing is that in general, I don’t really care for Will Ferrell. But that movie? Sigh. It makes me so happy. Also, I cry at the end. BUT, I cry at a lot of things. I used to think my grandma was crazy when she said parades make her cry. The older I get, me too.

I confess… I have zero desire to walk across campus in the gray cold to teach my students. Of course, I am sure they feel the same way. But since they’ll go, I’ll go. Ad with that, I leave you. Have a great weekend!

3 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – Pretty Random this week

  1. Elf is the one Christmas movie that I can watch over and over – I LOVE it. I will probably watch it soon too! (and maybe three more times before Christmas after that. ;))
    I’ve hit panic mode in that Christmas shopping department, and I keep asking myself why. I don’t HAVE to have the shopping done in November. There is lots of time in December to get things done. I don’t know when it became so important to me to get it done by the end of November…

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