Friday Confessions – My house is a mess

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I confess… if you read last week’s confessions, you saw how I was nervous about sending Isaac on a field trip that involved horses when he had previously been terrified of them. I am happy to report that he did just fine. The photo is a little blurry (I didn’t take it) and he looks worried but he says he had a blast.1383449_679726245385895_924776411_n


I confess… my parents will be arriving in roughly three hours and though my main living areas are clean and all carpets vacuumed, my kitchen is a downright nightmare. I may need to meet them upon their arrival and hold them off long enough for me to at least sweep.

I confess… I had a bit of a money scare earlier in the week. I teach online and I got an email saying my class wouldn’t make so it would be canceled. After a panic, I managed to get approved to teach three other courses so when one became available, I got it and now, crisis averted. There will be a Christmas after all. 😉

I confess… I have a lot to do today before I go home but I am so distracted. I have to still pump and grade papers and take a little quiz for my online stuff. It’s… just… so… much!

I confess… our Halloween costumes came yesterday. Isaac has wanted to dress as Hulk forever so he’s that. Ell got Wolverine, and Baby Girl and I are going to be a… chef and a piece of bacon. LOL. Today though, Isaac is wearing his Hulk costume and, coincidentally, I am wearing and Iron man shirt and Elliot, his Captain America shirt. We just like the Avengers around here.

I confess… No, I have not watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Oddly enough, right?

I confess… I should not be even taking time to blog for all this stuff I have to do so with this, I leave you and bid you a fabulous weekend.

One thought on “Friday Confessions – My house is a mess

  1. I’m feeling very distracted today too. Lots to do, but my mind is wandering, and I keep letting little things take me away from the work. Oops.

    Happy Friday, have a great weekend!!

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