I need a day off from my days off

I don’t have it in me to link up for Music Monday but I’ll bang out a recap. My parents got into town around 2 on Friday so I left to meet them and we went to Costco for a few things. When the kids got home, Ash ran and we got the kids in costume to head to a local church for Trunk or Treat, which was pretty fun. The kids get a double dose of trick or treating and it doesn’t interfere with Thursday. Afterwards we went to Momo’s for dinner and the kids got into bed a little late. The next morning, Elliot had a flag game – his team got their first loss; womp womp – and then we went to Sonnys for lunch. In the afternoon, my mom and I went to Whole Foods for various things and in the afternoon, we watched the FSU game and Ell and I ran. It was a nice weekend all in all. Though Elliot is clearly out of sorts. I don’t know if it’s the moon or the change of seasons or what but he was just bouncing off the walls but also, rude and disrespectful. I’m not having that.

I have SO much to do this week that I can barely wrap my brain around it. I know I need to step up and get organized; stop being so reluctant to tackle all this stuff. But I really just want a day – or even just a half day – off to clean my house and get on track.

I’m really trying to write more but it is so damn hard. Not the writing itself but the sitting down and finding energy or even brain power to do it. I’m fried by the end of the day. Also, babies are fussiest in the evenings so even after my boys are in bed, Dakota can be a real pain in the ass. Ash and I pass her back and forth and try to each do things we need to do and squeeze in a few Breaking Bad eps if time and baby permit.

Elliot has his final flag football practice tonight and that means it’ll be a crazy rushed night.

Ahh, Monday.

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