Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Work, feed baby, change baby, work, nap, eat, etc…

Stacy Seriously Shawn

Another day home with the kidlet

  • I’ve had a sore throat for days but I never get sick. I felt bad last night – headache, a little dizzy – but then today, fine other than the throat. I have no idea what’s up.
  • And I have a random scratch on my face.
  • And I had awful dreams all night. In one, Isaac was drowning but I couldn’t move to get him. My body would not budge. In another, there was some creepy guy stalking around our house and he had pictures of us in our beds that he somehow took through the blinds. I slept like shit, which sucks because Dakota slept for five hours straight!
  • I’m getting a little greedy about winning things on Twitter now. First the Snapple K-cups pack I got, then the Bonefish GC. Now I’m all looking for opportunities.
  • It’s nice and sunny here today but man did it storm last night. Hours of thunder, lightning, and crazy rain. I looked out the front window just before bed and the water rushing down the road was gushing up around the wheels of my car and it looked like white water rapids, basically. Perhaps it was the storm that gave me bad dreams. Though we’ve had most of the tall trees taken down, I still fear that one will fall on our house, like it did that one time (though it only hit a corner of the roof.)
  • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there needs to be breakfast delivery. When I was driving back from doing drop-off, I didn’t want anything but now I do and I don’t feel like actually making it.
  • Daytime TV is really pretty horrible, am I right? You know what shows I miss? Supermarket Sweep and that other one that came on after: something about shopping in a mall. Those were good watchin’.
  • I had a cup of coffee this morning but I can tell you: it was just not enough. I’m off to make another. Happy Tuesday everyone!

One thought on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Work, feed baby, change baby, work, nap, eat, etc…

  1. Mother’s rarely have the time to get sick, so even though we have a sore throat or a headache we shake it off because we are too busy to be sick……….even though I don’t drink coffee I do have to have my morning glass of Pepsi Max without it I am just working right,I am kind of sluggish………it’s the caffeine

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