WWTK – I’m back with the Qs everyone!

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Finally, I am back!

Answer these as best you can:


1.) Water or coffee/tea/soda?
2.) Beach or Mountains?
3.) TV or a book?
4.) Lots of activity or quiet getaway?
5.) Comedy or drama?


1.) I would drink coffee all day if it was any good for me but alas, I have one latte or coffee each morning then drink water throughout the day.

2.) I prefer the beach any day but I have this dream of staying in the mountains some day, far away from anyone else. That or hiking part of the Appalachian trail.

3.) Most days, I prefer a book. I go through phases where I enjoy vegging out in front of the TV more than anything but mostly, I find TV tedious.

4.) Ash and I have taken a few vacations where we had things to do like plays and parties with friends and I mostly feel rushed and not like I’m on vacation. So quiet getaway for sure.

5.)  LOL, Ash says I don’t like comedies but it’s just that I am very discriminating. I’d love to laugh at every funny movie but I usually think the humor is too dumb. So I will say drama, even though the older I get, the more I shy away from stuff that might make me feel TOO much.

5 thoughts on “WWTK – I’m back with the Qs everyone!

  1. I think a lot of “comedy” movies play to the stupid these days too. I think that’s why I enjoy The Big Bang Theory, the humor is intelligent.

  2. I’ve realized that a lot of “funny” movies are more funny in theatre… at least, for me. I guess I get caught up in everyone else laughing, but then when I watch it at home on DVD months later, I’m a little dumbfounded that I thought it was so funny. It usually isn’t quite as hilarious as I remembered it being.

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