Well, still here

After having an entire day of contractions – intense ones at that – on Tuesday, I was sure that Wednesday would be the day. I woke up feeling much like I did the day I went in and had Isaac. So, I took the boys to school/camp, went to work for a few hours, then went home, feeling so incredibly exhausted I could barely stand. I was also having a lot of pain. I slept a few hours, woke up, and felt great! So strange… I got up, went to Publix, started some laundry, and walked the dogs. Then I began making a lasagna. Napped a little again, cleaned here and there, and then the work day was over and everyone came home. It was kind of nice to be home and doing things not work related. I think I really needed an entire day just to think about things other than impending labor and the fact that each time I think it is coming, it doesn’t.

This morning, my entire back aches, everything up front is tight, and I am tired again. But I am at work, because I haven’t had a baby yet and don’t want to use up all my accrued time. My boss has a picnic every year for the grad students who come in in the summer so that’s also today. My plan is to go to that by 11, then leave around 12:20 for my one o’clock doctor appointment. Let’s hope the day of contractions actually made a difference!

And even if nothing is happening, my plan is to go get a pedicure. A lot of women claim the foot massage is helpful in speeding up labor, though I can tell you: none of those things that purportedly do it, ever have worked for me.  This child is being super stubborn!

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