Friday Confessional – I’m Having This Kid edition

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I confess… if this baby doesn’t make an appearance on her own (after my appt. yesterday, I am effaced and at 2 cm.) then I have a scheduled induction tomorrow morning. And I confess that I am a little scared. But mostly because I now have a limited amount of time in which to tie up all loose ends!

I confess… I also have the thought of all the changes that will soon take place weighing heavily on me: Isaac will no longer be my baby, I’m in for months of crap sleep, my body will not be my own for another year, etc. BUT, I will have a new baby and that’s pretty darn awesome.

I confess… I’d love it if, say, my water broke today and I could forego the entire scheduled birth thing. I am not against induction but it feels  strange, even though with Isaac, I willingly scheduled that bitch and was looking forward to it! He came a day before, but still.

I confess… I am getting more superstitious about things. Like, if I say something jokingly, I fear it may actually come true. Why is that? Is it simply a product of being older? Or maybe I am more jaded than I thought.

I confess… I am well aware you’re all tired of hearing about babies. The more time I spend on the internet, I realize that a good majority of people without kids or who choose not to have kids really hate those of us with them. At least, that’s what many things lead me to believe. So if this is you, sorry!

I confess… I’m fed up with all this plan-making; let’s just pray for labor on its own so I can forgo all this crap! TTYL!

5 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – I’m Having This Kid edition

  1. I don’t have children and don’t hate those of you that do. But sometimes the parenting stuff serves as a warning for me not to be a in a rush. I’m really excited that one way or another your baby girl will be making her grand debut this weekend.

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party!

  2. Babies come when they are good and ready most of the time, but being induced isn’t always a bad thing, not that I ever was although my first was 3 days early my second 14 days late and number 3 6 days late………………at least it will all be over soon and you will hold your new baby in your arms

  3. Well, that means you’ve had a baby by now! Congratulations! I was induced for Bug’s birth, and I was glad. I was having fears of my water breaking while I was line at the bank or something!

  4. I certainly don’t begrude you your baby talk… I love reading it, and though I don’t have children of my own, I long to have them someday!! I’m so anxious to hear all about your baby girl, especially her name! I’m certain she has already arrived… can’t wait to see the “she’s here…” post!!!

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