MMMM + Week(end) recap of epic proportions

So… I’ve been gone a little while. I’m not saying it was hard to come back today – because I like my routine –  but it definitely feels a little odd. Isaac also had a hard time this morning. He could’t seem to really wake up and once he did, he did NOT want to go to school, which is unlike him. Of course, he has two molars coming in and this is the first time teething has really bothered him. So that didn’t help our morning any either.

So anyway, we left around 8 AM Tuesday morning to head towards the Orlando area. The Design Expo was being held at the Omni at Championsgate, which is basically trying to be a non-Disney version of Celebration. Or so it seems. We got in around noon and went into the Publix that is basically right outside the resort, which is super convenient. Got into our room and ate lunch, checked out the suite. Ash is one of four people who organize this entire event (which thousands of people attend over three days) so he gets an awesome room, which ours definitely was. We had two bathrooms, a separate master bedroom, a dining room table, and kitchenette. This is all on top of the huge balcony that overlooked a fountain, pool, and golf course.


It rained all afternoon but we still managed to go in the pool for a bit, after dinner at a local pizza place. We lounged in their lazy river and then all headed to bed, tired from the long day.

Wednesday was the first day of the Expo and Ash basically worked from 6:30 to 5:30. I took the kids to the pool from 9-11, met Ash for lunch in one of the hotel’s little food places, then took them back to the room for a nap, which they took happily after the morning’s activities. I worked, since I still had grading to do. We went back to the pool in the afternoon with my parents, who showed up around 3:30. That was pretty nice and the kids loved it. We went to Chilis for dinner and then that pretty much concluded the night. Vacation is somehow tiring!

My parents were going to come again on Thursday but they chose not to, which actually worked out. The boys and I once again did the 9-11 pool trip, then went to Publix for some lunch things. Nap again and then back to the pool. Ash met us there so it was a little later when we got back to the room and no one felt like going out. Ended up ordering pizza in, which was quite tasty, considering I really don’t care for Papa John’s.

Friday was our last day and the plan was that we had to be gone by 11. Well, then Ash found out we could stay. So I went ahead and took the boys to the pool. We might have been there 30 minutes before Ash called to say that we could stay but not in that room, so I had to be all packed by 11 and we’d be moved to a similar suite. Well, that was with about 30 minutes to go so I gathered the kids, went to the room and furiously packed, all while in a wet bathing suit. Since they said 11, I was all done by 10:57; the boys I had sitting on the floor watching a movie on the laptop. No one had changed clothes. Do you know when someone finally showed up to move us? about 11:58. And then, they moved us to a room competently dissimilar to ours, which also smelled like smoke. At that point, we decided not to stay the extra night and since we were already packed, just drive to my parent’s house (about 40 minutes away) and rest there until Disney. Because that was always the plan: we had six tickets for the Magic Kingdom after 4 PM.

SO, we had about one hour at their house before going back in the same direction to hit Disney. It seemed to be the best option though, since we were already going to be staying at their house Friday evening. Disney recap will be in a separate post, if you care to read it. Suffice to say, it was a long, action-packed vacation and well-deserved and much needed.




This week’s theme is sci-fi tunes so here we go:

Original Star Trek, yes yes. Appropriate.

The Terminator 2 theme. Also awesome

Aaand, how about the Ghostbuster’s theme song? That’s sci-fi, right? Right.

9 thoughts on “MMMM + Week(end) recap of epic proportions

  1. Loved all three of your songs! Gotta go watch some classic Star Trek again.

  2. Oh of course Ghost Busters! Duh.
    THere are so many Sci-fi greats that it is hard to remember them all…or post them.
    Great picks this week.
    ~Naila Moon

  3. I almost put the terminator myself. Ghost Busters is totally cool with the singer’s one hit wonder which is sad, but he did go big with that one. Thanks for joining us & so sorry I’m so late, have a great rockin’ week!!!

  4. Sorry for not being around so much in Blogosphere, but you may have picked up on the fact I’ve been majorly sick and am now recovering from surgery. That being said, I wanted to get back into the groove slowly this week as I dance slowly with all of our lovely 4M party-goers. You have some of my favorite Sci-Fi theme music selections up, girl – great choices! Have a beautiful week, my friend!

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