Writer’s Workshop – Goals for May



4.) Create a “May Bucket List”…what will you accomplish this month?

Geez, the month is basically half over but let’s see… what do I want to do this month?

  • Finish cleaning up the old office and take down the built in desks. This will then allow us to paint the walls and get new carpet. I REALLY want to have that part prepped in time to do the last two things in June at least.
  • Create “save the date” birthday invites for kids in Elliot’s class. His birthday will occur about a week into next school year but he wants to invite kids from this year. I figure this might be the best way to keep them in the loop.
  • Get Todd to the vet.7562393688_e9df2c9e96_c
  • Buy an end of the year gift for Elliot’s teacher. She’s been so awesome for his first year of elementary school, she truly deserves something nice. I was thinking a gift card for Bonefish.
  • Blog every day over at my Tallahassee Daily Photo blog. (Not linked here). City Daily Photo had gone down for a long time so I got lazy about it. But I really think it’s time to go back to it.
  • Take either a free or relatively cheap class at Big Picture Classes.  I did one when Isaac was first born and it really helped me stay on top of picture taking.
  • Plant more basil in my green pot. The Carolina wren loves to perch on it for now but I need my herb.8041610198_63f349fe08_c
  • Watch more movies. Ash and I are way behind on ones we’ve recently gotten. Though, we did finally see Django Unchained last night. We’re seeing the new Star Trek in theaters tomorrow. It’s gonna rock!
  • And along those lines, show the kids Swiss Family Robinson. Ash and I both loved that movie as kids but they definitely have to see it before we go to Disney in June!

Ok,  I think that’s it. What are you going to accomplish in May?

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Goals for May

  1. I thought it was kind of late to start a bucket list too, but I guess there are always things that can be done no matter the time limit. I should have added garden to my list. I like the basil plan. 🙂

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