Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Always on a Tuesday…


Seriously Shawn

Well, May has certainly seemed long so far

  • I had one of those nights last night where even though I slept, my brain felt ON the entire time. I dreamed, I thought about things I had to do… there was constant noise in my head. I wonder why this occurs.
  • Swimming when pregnant has been something I’ve always wanted to do but never put the effort in. So when moons aligned yesterday and we were at the pool, it was a magical sort of experience. To be weightless in the midst of lugging around extra weight all the time is really something. Also, wearing a bathing suit when you’re pregnant is so much better than when you’re, well, done being pregnant. I feel like the weight is justified. Post-baby it’s all flab and no excuse.
  • However, I think I may need to start swimming more often – now and when I am finished having babies. It’s probably one of the best workouts you can get.
  • Do you ever go back into your blog archives and read what you were doing on this day, however many years ago? Apparently, in 2007,  I was seeing 300 in IMAX and buying my first pair of maternity pants.
  • Speaking of baby, I looked in the mirror today – wearing this tight-fitting black top – and from the front, I could barely tell I was pregnant. Aaaand then I turned sideways. Oy.
  • I guess I WILL be 28 weeks tomorrow. I specifically recall being that far with Elliot and having a total breakdown while waiting in the theater to see Evan Almighty. I was definitely overwhelmed. What did I know then??
  • The other evening I panicked about something so very insignificant: I was folding the boy’s laundry and I have a specific way of placing their underwear, socks, and shorts into the basket. Each has a place and it all fits in there so well. Now where, pray tell, will I put Baby Girl’s clothes in there?? It just made realize how much extra there will be with a 3rd kid. UGH.
  • I came into my office this morning and had no internet! It just got fixed. Kind of sucks but it made for a very easy morning; I just sat here and ate my breakfast in silence. Kind of nice actually.

And because of that brief hiatus, here’s how I feel about starting my work today:




Well, have a good Tuesday everyone ad don’t forget to come back tomorrow for WWTK!

9 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Always on a Tuesday…

  1. Feeling about the same way about work today too! It’s beautiful outside and that makes it hard to be inside.

  2. I hate when I’m trying to sleep but my brain is wide awake! 🙂

    As for the laundry conundrum, I eliminated that mode with washing the girls clothes (me and PN) together, and washing the boys clothes (hubby and LD) together. You know, so the boy cooties stay off our clothes. 😉 I have 2 laundry baskets for that reason – a girl one and a boy one. 😀

    Chilly Mother Nature, a Brainiac Field Trip, Smash and Touch Axed, 24 Revived and Once Upon A Time Gives Birth: RTT Rebel

  3. I despise when I’m tired and my brain won’t shut off. One night in particular, I felt like my head was buzzing and Rihanna’s song “Cheers to the weekend” wouldn’t stop playing in my head. I HATE that song now because of it.

    I looove to swim, I really wish I had a pool! Even a public pool would be nice. Alas, I have neither. *sigh*

  4. I TOTALLY swam when I was pregnant. And my parents had a pool but I still HATED taking a swim class {aqua aerobics} at the gym. Wanna know why? I was the youngest by like 50 years!! And I didn’t feel like it was much of a workout for me. But, you can be fat and happy in a bathing suit while pregnant. Afterwards? Not so much. Do you still run too?

    Thanks for linking up!

  5. I COULD be running but I just feel weird doing it. Like, too much is moving around. They do say if your body is accustomed to it, then it’s alright to jog. But, eh…

  6. I am so bummed out about work right now that I started counting the days until I can retire! Seven more years until I hit the 30 year mark–that’s still young enough to enjoy some time off, then get interested in something else!

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