MMMM + Mama’s Day weekend

Ahhh Monday mornings. I relish in those first few hours in the office, catching up, the quiet, knowing everyone is where they should be on a week day.

Friday evening I took the kids to that birthday party I was dreading. It actually turned out just fine; there weren’t a ton of people there and both boys really enjoyed it. We walked out of there at 8:15 (when we’re normally laying down for bed) so I expected a lot of whining but no, they were quite good. Amazing!

Had a pretty good weekend. Saturday, the kids seemed to be in a funk. Ell had a tee ball game, which Ash took him to, while I did some shopping with Isaac (shoes, groceries). Decided to make a lasagna and then we all napped. I honestly can’t think of what we did in the afternoon; it was rainy. Oh yeah! We introduced the kids to Pee Wee’s Big Adventure   As I posted on Facebook, that movie really held up after all these years. Still highly entertaining and hilarious.

Sunday morning, the kids decided to wake up at 6, which is a good hour earlier than their normal weekend time. Soon as they barged in the door, I told them to go back to sleep, but Ash graciously got up with them and let me sleep and additional hour. Hooray! So we headed out to The Egg a bit after 7 but it was not the breakfast we had last year. Last Mother’s Day, the boys were excellent and Ash was in a good mood. This year, Elliot had a breakdown about something, Ash’s stomach hurt, and Isaac wanted food but when it arrived, “wasn’t hungry”. Ugh. Mine was quite tasty and I enjoyed that part regardless. Luckily, the day got better. I started doing laundry when we got home and the kids calmed down some. Around 11, I decided to get myself a pedicure. Ahh-mazing.  Naptime then we decided to hit up the community pool. Spent a good two hours there; some in the activity pool but the majority in the free swim area of the lap pool. Did some actual swimming and man, that’s a good workout! No wonder Ash has been doing that in lieu of running. The evening turned out well compared to morning. We skyped with my mom, aunt, and grandparents, then had hamburgers. The kids watched a movie on their comp and Ash and I watched Wayne’s World (lol). All in all, a good Mother’s Day.



I love freebies weeks when I have recently discovered bands. Here are a few who fall into the new Glam rock scene category.

The second video is… weird. I wouldn’t say “explicit” but may be slightly squicky. There’s torture involved.

Loving these two bands! Happy Monday everyone!

Don’t forget to come back Wednesday for my weekly meme!

8 thoughts on “MMMM + Mama’s Day weekend

  1. New to me also. First one isn’t to bad, and the second one if I don’t watch the video it’s not bad either, but I’m not really into weird. hehehehe Have a rockin’ week & thanks for joinin’ us!

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