Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Better late than never


Seriously Shawn

Another day, another dollar

  • I went to bed feeling like I’d be sick today: the icky throat feeling, a raging sinus headache, and general malaise. Woke up with the headache but feel better than expected; weird.
  • I went to Sonic on Sunday evening and took a shortcut through the Golden Corral lot; it was 8:17 PM. I found it interesting just how many people were there. I used to eat there, long ago, but when we went on our infamous diet, cut that place out. I never really overate though; I always got a little bit of a few things and never seconds. I disliked it because I wasn’t getting my money’s worth. The windows seemed cozy though and for a brief second, I remembered what it was like NOT to worry about every food I ate.
  • SO, we’re taking the kids to Disney. Let me clarify: we’re taking them to Magic Kingdom after 2 PM, one day. Personally, I think it’s all they can handle. Plus, we don’t live that far away so if they thought it was awesome, we can always go back. Should be fun though. My parents are coming too and possibly my sister and Justin. I haven’t gone to a park for rides since 2004!
  • You must understand why that’s a big deal: I have been to Disney probably over  one hundred times. We lived there, basically.
  • I just read that if moms were paid for all their domestic jobs on the open market (based on what people typically get paid for those chores, like dish washing, laundry, etc) I’d make $59, 852. Very interesting! Truth be told, that’s more than my jobs pay me combined so um, can moms get paid, please?
  • I went to get a Coke Zero yesterday afternoon and, without looking, dropped my soda into the receptacle onto one that was already there. The problem is: this machine is a new-fangled one with this mechanical door where you take your drink. It only opens when the drink is there. So now, two drinks are stuck there, I was thirsty, and now the machine is useless. Sometimes more technology is unnecessary.
  • Eye tics are seriously the worst, aren’t they? Arhgh.
  • I’ve been so busy and then thinking about what we’ll do this coming Sunday, that I forgot that I need to get MY mom something. I’m thinking just flowers  as basic as that is. I think it means something because she doesn’t actually expect anything.
  • Oh no; I hear the voice of one of our most annoying TAs; I wonder if he’s coming to bother me. He doesn’t actually bother ME, but he annoys everyone else and then they come into my office and bitch about him. Funny how that works.
  • I had a melt down in the mall on Sunday about ALL THE PINK for baby girl clothes but I am pleased to announce that I have found some stuff I do like. And this. And maybe even this one.

Well, there you have it, folks. My lame Tuesday post. I have one gajillion things to accomplish today so I’m off to, well, work. Peace out, girl scouts!

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow for WWTK! Here’s the only image I couldtumblr_mm8rx1vyIV1r75c30o1_500 really think to post today:

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – Better late than never

  1. Taking the kids to Disney after 2pm is genius! I really need to take the kids before they get older…now just to convince the hubby it’s a good idea. 😉

    Moms really do need to get paid – it’s the least appreciated job of all! 🙂

    Glad you ended up not actually being sick! Hope you feel even better soon!

  2. Well, I got my mom and my MIL gifts before we moved (5 weeks ago) and I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what I did with their boxed gifts. Seriously. So lame!

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