Friday Confession, of sorts…

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For days after the beach, I somehow keep getting tiny gritty grains of sand in my teeth. I don’t know where they come from. I’m peeling on my upper arms and the brief swatches of skin I missed with the sun stick on my face. My legs look nice and tan though; healthy. But the molting skin looks shabby and withery; I know it’s a renewal of sorts but I’m not presentable.

I confess… I said I was greedy about getting a tan. Well, I got my tan but at the expense of almost an entire week of pain.

Despite my disheveled appearance.  I am at work. I’m playing Thunderstruck a little too loud; if you don’t like AC/DC get out of my office. You’re not worthy.

I confess… I love 80s hair metal and the like; it’s a weakness I have. I also love Glam and wonder if there may be something wrong with me that  I really love guys dressed as women.

My eyes itch from allergies and I’m hungry, even though I have had plenty of food this morning. Ahh, pregnancy. 26 weeks as of Wednesday. Can I really be that far in? It’s an odd sort of time; big but not HUGE. Comfortable for the most part but turning over in bed is starting to be a hassle. This baby girl moves all the time and sometimes it’s not so pleasant. I.E. leave my bladder alone. The strange paranoias I had early on in this pregnancy seem to be gone; I no longer feel trapped in my body, this office, this town. I don’t feel AS bad when people around me are having a drink and I cannot partake. It still annoys me but it’s one freedom I give up for a short period of time. I’m going to drink all the beer when this is over, I swear it.

I confess… when I realized I only had 3 months to go, my first thought was, “Which beer should I drink?”

I do, however, seem to have more students downright staring at me as I pass by in the halls. I don’t recall this last time. I even heard one student whisper to another “I think she’s pregnant.” I *almost* turned around and said, “No shit, Sherlock!” But how immature would that have been? I would have thoroughly enjoyed it though.

I confess… I feel bigger than I ever have at this point and worry I have done something wrong, though this baby has been measuring 4-5 days behind the entire pregnancy. I worry it’s the fact that I eat candy here and there, way more than I usually do.

This rain is sucking; dropping off a kid on a rainy morning could not be more annoying. But if that’s the harshest thing I’m worried about right now, I’m doing ok. Normally, my major stressor is money. I actually haven’t had (knock on wood) money issues in quite some time. I’ve figured out how to budget really well and still save.

I confess… I bought myself an Iron Man arc reactor shirt yesterday, along with an overpriced cute onesie on Amazon and then a shirt and pair of shorts for Isaac from Boden, which is also expensive. I do know when I can spend and when to be strict. It comes from all the years wherein I made just enough money to pay bills and eat but do nothing else.

We’re seeing Iron Man 3 today and I am very excited. I read a few reviews that have me pumped for it. The second movie was not very good; it had its moments and is watchable but in terms of how mind-blowing the first one was (I mean, that exiting the cave scene is one of my top five favorites OF ALL TIME) it was just lackluster. I’m hoping this one is just awesome.

I confess… I love comic book movies, seriously. I may even watch Avengers tonight, just because I can.

I confess… this post has been brought to you by: just enough sleep, a grande latte, and the fact that the bits that aren’t confessions were written over the past two days. I just couldn’t get a post out because I was mired in grading and end of semester BS. But that’s pretty much over!

Have a good weekend!


4 thoughts on “Friday Confession, of sorts…

  1. Have fun at the movie! We so rarely get to the theater to see them, but catch them when they come on video. Superhero movies are big at our house.

  2. Good luck with the grading! I spent ten years teaching high school math, so I feel your pain.

    And enjoy the movie – I’m looking forward to that one as well!

  3. I really want a tan… But I need to be more careful. I get too many sunburns every summer, and I’m afraid it’s starting to take it’s toll. I might actually look into a good self-tanner this year. Finally getting nicer weather here!! Happy Friday!!

  4. Oh, boo on grading that’s no fun. I confess when you said Iron Man t-shirt, I thought you were talking about an Iron Man race and was impressed that you could do that while pregnant. Haha. Enjoy the movie

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend.

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