Writer’s Workshop – Ghosts of Posts Past

workshop-button-1I love throwback type posts!

4.) Look into your archives. What were you blogging about a year ago around this time? Are you still dealing with the same thing? Your thoughts?

On April 26th (the 25th was a meme post so I went with a normal one) I was contemplating many things. here’s the LINK but also, some excerpts.

I’ve been wearing my Vibrams to work this week, since no one’s around. I feel sort of like a combo of weird loser/fringy-cool/barefoot runner. It’s strangely satisfying.

vibram 1


I still love these shoes!

About ten minutes ago, I moved money from my savings to my checking and registered for the Savannah Rock ‘n Roll marathon. Though I had already mentally committed, this step made me physically shake. This is a huge step.

I never did run it because I ended up having an appendectomy about 2 months before!

I am eight chapters into 50 Shades of Grey and after having read some arguments on Twitter about good and bad BDSM writing, I am worried this is going to disappoint me. I may have to suspend my disbelief for a bit to push through.

Oof, awful book! I never got past that eighth chapter. Confession: I have read a fair share of BDSM romance and this one is just god-awful. Glad I didn’t waste more time.

And some other random memories I’ve been having: bike rides along the inter-coastal, gardenias in a bowl, Hamm’s beer, dragonflies so thick they overtook our backyard, slugs after a rain, blanket forts, the boys down the street who teased us yet still rode bikes down to the country club so we could get air off the hills.

I guess I was feeling nostalgic; we’d been spending a lot of time outside and it reminded me of carefree days as a child.

My grandma is in a PT home after a recent fall. I’m getting oddly nostalgic for time spent in Palm Beach with my grandparents as a kid. I’m scared that one of these days I will have to go down there to speak at a funeral.

Grandma is still alive and doing pretty well!

There was also a photo of myself throwing a frisbee. April last year was the last good month before a string of stressful and annoying occurances. They feel like just yesterday because I dwelled on them for so long. I have to learn to let those go and remember good things like the above. I have come a long way in a year!


4 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Ghosts of Posts Past

  1. I love the ability to look back that blogging gives me. Makes my sometimes fuzzy memory a bit clearer.

  2. These are some great memories! I am currently reading The Dark Garden by Eden Bradley. Have you read it yet? It’s ok so far.

    Unfortunately, I haven’t read a really GOOD bdsm book. I’ve read the 50 Shades and the Bared to You series….. ok, but not excellent. Can you recommend a good one?

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