Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – heart’s not in it edition


Seriously Shawn

Are you kidding me it’s April?? Time flies…

  • Time does seem to be going faster the older I get. Do you think it’ll slow down once the kids are grown and have moved out?
  • Why doesn’t it ever go quickly when I’m, say, waiting to have my car serviced? Or at the pediatrician? (THERE’S a place  I hate to wait.)
  • Dropped Zoey off at the vet this morning for this weird pocket of fluid on her ear flap. I am hoping it’s some freak thing because my mom reminded me that is very similar to how their late Greyhound’s cancer started. Sigh. Sometimes having pets is a huge pain in the ass.
  • Elliot was also a huge PITA this morning. Whiny, ungrateful, didn’t want to go to school. We had a “nice” chat in the car about why we learn, why we go to school, and what we should be thankful for. I feel like at 5, he should be damn happy just to BE. But I guess our world isn’t like that; kids are more aware at earlier ages.
  • Speaking of annoyances, I have to clean my house hardcore this week because our guests begin arriving Thursday night. No one is staying with us but we’re having 7 people come into town. Sigh. I love having family in town, I do, but there’s always a lot of stress involved in the prep. Plus, part of why they’re coming is Isaac’s birthday and I have – so far – made zero plans about decoration/food/cake, etc. I am such a last minute planner!
  • I had grand plans to have a theme and all for it but since it’s just family, I highly doubt I will do much more than a happy birthday banner and a nice cake. He’ll get gifts, of course, but beyond that, nada. Next year, I guess we’ll probably invite other kids.
  • I went to bed super early last night (10) and though I woke up about four times, each time I got back in bed, I remember distinctly thinking hoe exhausted I was. However, when I woke this morning, I felt wonderful!
  • I consider this the good phase of pregnancy anyway; aches and pains are minimal and I am far enough away from both the first trimester and the third trimester woes.
  •  I’m pulled in a million different directions this week so I’m outtie. Enjoy some completely random images below, because why the hell not? (Click the last one to make it work.)tumblr_mhi6f4t7rB1s457qmo1_500tumblr_mejwgwMJiP1rsnzy2o4_1280tumblr_mgjal7rTSU1r3gb3zo1_400

3 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – heart’s not in it edition

  1. I keep hoping time will slow down, but no luck yet. The first part of this year was very blink and you’ll miss it.
    I love it when even though you wake up in the night, going back to sleep is easy. It’s not always so for me.

  2. I’m with Vandy – I keep hoping time will slow down at some point, but it keeps speeding by the minute. 😉

    Princess Nagger has those days – whiny, ungrateful and not wanting to go to school. Today was one of them here, too – must be something in the air…maybe spring fever. 🙂

    Good luck on the housecleaning marathon – that’s how I am when people are coming to visit, even if it is family. Probably more so when it’s family. Doing something simple for Isaac’s birthday is best – you don’t need to get stressed in your ‘state’…heh! 🙂

    Easter Fun, Forgetful Mind, Minecraft Craftiness: Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel

  3. I hope time slows down eventually… it’s not cool how fast it seems to be going!!

    I’m sure Isaac will love his birthday party, don’t even worry about it – presents and cake are the way to a birthday boy’s heart!! 😉

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