MMMM + Super fun/busy weekend o’ eggs and bunnies

I’m trying to write this post but Casino Royale  is on and Daniel Craig keeps commanding my attention. AHEM. OK, post. So our weekend was quite chock full o’ stuff. Ash took Friday off with Isaac and we went to lunch together. After getting Ell, we went to the store. I’m pretty sure we watched a movie because the kids went to bed late. Though I don’t remember which one. Ash had to run in the morning on Saturday and when he got home, I rushed him to get out the door for an egg hunt in a close-by neighborhood. The event didn’t begin on time so that didn’t matter in the slightest. Anyway, the hunt was run by neighbors and was pretty fun. They had three rounds; the first one excluding anyone over 5. The others were basically free-for-alls. The kids loved it though. We bought Ell some baseball pants and socks for his upcoming tee-ball game(s) and then went to Cracker Barrel. In the afternoon, we dyed eggs then made a big dinner before watching Willow.  After the kids went to bed, Ash and I then watched the majority of Skyfall, before going to bed, late and very sleepy.

Sunday morning, we woke and checked out what the Easter Bunny brought before hiding eggs in the yard for the kids. Again, they were in heaven. We have an overabundance of candy now and it’s insane how much of that stuff you can acquire in just a few days. Anyway, we were a bit lazy in the morning; watched Ben Hur for a bit (the kids liked the chariots) then we decided to walk, but the bottom fell out and it ruined that plan. We made burgers despite the rain but then the sun came out and it was nice. We then took our walk and the kids napped. I, on the other hand, mowed the back yard, which needed it something fierce. I was BEAT after that (you know, being 22 weeks pregnant) so I took an excellent nap in the recliner. We went to Lowes to get the correct part to fix our toilet and then had sandwiches for dinner. I got the cleaning bug after that and got on the bathrooms and the microwave. I figured I earned myself a cherry limeade after all that work so a little trip to Sonic was in order. I feel like we were constantly on the go but it was a nice weekend. Weather was great, kids had a blast, and we enjoyed our time.



This week’s theme can be a song I wouldn’t never listen to. Here’s the first one that  comes to mind, because I HATE it. I hate this guy’s look, his voice, this pathetic little song. James Blunt needs a punch in the face!

5 thoughts on “MMMM + Super fun/busy weekend o’ eggs and bunnies

  1. It’s so easy to OD on Easter candy while there are small ones in the home. We don’t buy so much now that the kids are grown and two-thirds are out of the house. But, I couldn’t resist getting some Peeps. Does anyone ever out grown those little delicious wonders?

    Oh brother, I can see why you don’t like this guy. His voice is totally annoying sounding. I had to stop the video before it hit the chorus. lol. Great to see on the dance floor at Monday’s Music Moves Me, dearie!

  2. Daniel Craig is totally an attention-grabber, isn’t he? 😉 I got exhausted reading about your jam-packed weekend. 😉 Glad you had a great Easter!

    I see why you hate this song – it’s definitely hit or miss with me…his falsetto parts are very annoying…and the repetitiveness of the lyrics are also very annoying. 🙂

    Barney is Nobody’s Fool playing Foolish Games saying “I’m Just A Guy” who should Start A Band and sing The Ballad of Honey Boo Boo

  3. Our yard needs mowing something fierce too and we were going to do that yesterday and then the bottom fell out (that means rain right? ) i just read it up there from you and realized what it meant.

    But mowing is sure to get you beat!

    I can’t believe you played this song! I just saw a link I had saved for this song and was realizing that I missed the song!
    Thank you!

    Enjoy your week!

  4. Well his voice sure doesn’t match his face that’s for sure, but the video is kind of creepy don’t you think? Weird! Great choice for a song you don’t like. I mean to each there own, and I say I can tolerate the song, but definitely not the video! YOU GO GIRL!

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