Drowning, waving, whatever

This week’s theme: just keep my head above water. Thank GOD Ash comes home today. It hasn’t been HARD, per se, but it’s been a long five days with just me and the boys. We’ve made it though; he comes home tonight. The hardest part is having my brain in ON mode for that many hours a day. And for anyone who has been pregnant, the term “pregnancy brain” is totally a true thing. So not only is my gray matter in a state of flux and not altogether present, I have had to make it so.

I had final papers in a Lit class to grade, grammar tests in a comp class to grade, teaching and papers that my face-to-face class turned in (though I totally have not graded those) and I am wrestling with the new course management system for my normal job. My head has felt like it was about to explode pretty much all week. My decompression time has been in the car on the 10-15 minutes drive to retrieve the children, but then that’s over and it’s back to being ON.

The problem I now encounter with all these side jobs, is that it doesn’t actually END. If it did, I’d be stressing because that means the money would then end. And even though I make it a point not to work on them over the weekend,  i go back to being slammed at the beginning of each week. I guess what I need is a vacation  though I am afraid of the post-vacation blues I’ll inevitably feel once it’s over. My plan was to get to St. George Island this weekend, though Sunday will be warmer than Saturday and I doubt we’ll have time for that drive, after the few Easter things we actually do (baskets, egg hunt in the yard).

There’s no tee ball so at least the day is free. My plan is to actually relax and not feel like the dino below. My entire life lately feels exactly like him!


2 thoughts on “Drowning, waving, whatever

  1. I’m not sure if I’m going to have nightmares about this dinosaur or nightmares about the kind of schedule it sounds like you keep, but either way, this post is going to give me nightmares. Sorry you’re running so hard these days.

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