WWTK – Home Edition

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{no. 1} What is your favorite room in your house? (Bonus if you share a pic!)

{no. 2} How organized are you?

{no. 3} How did you find inspiration for your home?

{no. 4} What is/was your favorite DIY project?

{no. 5} Share your favorite website for ideas for your home?

Sorry I’m a little late posting; it’s my birthday and I have been crazy busy as a solo parent this week. Ugh! But here I am and here are my answers. Thanks for linking up, as always. See you next week!


1. I’m going with my living room, especially since we got a new couch in November. It was always a cozy room but now, it’s even better.


2. I am organized about some things and not others. Like, I always keep the mail in the same place and I do laundry on the same days. I don’t forget to do important tasks. However, I have a junk corner in my room (which Ash hates) that is really a big mess. (I call in my Monica Closet and if you watch Friends, you know…)

3. LOL; what inspiration?? My “style” is anything that makes sense and is utilitarian. The few decorations we have are photos and some random old statues Ash liked because they were his mom’s. I certainly look on Pinterest a lot but never do any of those projects.

4. The only thing I can think of are the shadow boxes I have in our hallway; sorry, no photos. I am already at work. There’s one from my wedding with little flowers in the corners and the label form our candle favors, then one from our Hawaiian honeymoon with the little plastic palm trees that came in hotel drinks, then a memorial to Iggy, our dog who died last year.

5. Everyone will say Pinterest but I like Apartment Therapy; they have a lot of cool ideas for small rooms, so I can utilize those for doing project sin just portions of rooms.

5 thoughts on “WWTK – Home Edition

  1. I named our style shabby traditional–we go for traditional types of furniture and most of it is shabbyish because we use it.

  2. Sounds like we’re a lot alike in this sense! lol I totally relate to the “organization” thing – I am oranized in that I do laundry on the same days, things always go in the same places, etc – but I have an entire junk ROOM, and I seem to have areas that collect clutter. What can ya do.

    I also collect ideas of DIY projects, and never put them into action. lol

    Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!! 🙂

  3. Your couch looks so comfortable! We really need to get a new living room set, ours are mismatched and pretty old and very worn in 🙂
    I love DIY projects.. but I haven’t done any yet.

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