Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – We Will Overcome!


Seriously Shawn

Slogging through this week; can’t believe March is almost over!

  • Let’s say you were walking down the sidewalk and a physically challenged person in a motorized wheelchair clipped your ankle as they recklessly drove by. Would you say anything? I ask because I had to jump off the sidewalk to avoid being mowed over and was wondering what I would have done had she gotten me.
  • We may have agreed on a name for this baby girl. But I think we’ll keep it under wraps for now. (Mwuhahaha)
  • I spent two hours Sunday night watching Duck Dynasty and it’s not even that entertaining and yet, I didn’t turn it.
  • Also, I have yet to see a duck on that show.
  • Also, beards. Theirs are way out of control but in general, I dig ’em.
  • I have been having random panicked moments lately. I am not prone to “panic attacks” (though not entirely sure what a real one may entail) but I don’t like it. Sometimes they come on me when I think about being in those final weeks of pregnancy (i.e. trapped!!) or at 3 AM like last night when I awoke hearing weird noises, which ended up just being one of the dogs scratching. When I joke that I may be going crazy, it really is only a joke. But at those moments, it feels real!
  • The boys and I are totally having Chinese take-out tonight. Woot!
  • It’s go hardcore for marriage equality today. I won’t be changing my FB photo or anything but let me just say that if you have time to worry about who other people want to marry, then I think you need more to do. Hey, I have a TON of house and yard work that needs to be done – want some?? Until then, leave people alone and live your life.
  • I REALLY don’t feel like teaching this morning but I know I will pull it together. They’re starting a project wherein they spoof an ad or commercial. They usually end up liking the assignment but when they start, the kids are full of grumbles and resistance.
  • I had a craving for bratwurst and sweet pickles last night. Not necessarily together, though my idea around 6:30 – after we’d already had dinner, mind you – was to heat up a sausage around 9 or 10 and eat some pickles from the jar. I didn’t. I got in bed around 10 and wrote in my pregnancy journal, fell asleep for about 1.5 hours, then was awake for two, then back to sleep, restlessly until 2:30, when I finally slept until 6. What an awful night. Blah.
  • In one of my online courses, the students get a survey to take based on my performance and the course after just the first week. Only 7/20 responded and one person wrote that my announcements were rushed and I didn’t spend any time on the course. This makes me extremely angry because I am a.) spending more time after last course’s evals said they thought I was in the discussion board a lot but could have responded more to their individual posts and b.) I have so far spent way more actual time on this class than before. There’s always one asshole who thinks they have to bring someone down. (Some men just want to watch the world burn.)
  • What a ways to ruin my Tuesday morning  I was finally feeling motivated too. Guess I will use this info to fuel my day: be better at everything!

Beards (and tattoos) are sexy so here you go! (The last one: UNF!)  Happy Tuesday!tumblr_mivwdrFySe1s501b6o1_500tumblr_mao8fxblbd1rqnytio1_1280tumblr_mfnf3dEY841s02g97o1_400

12 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – We Will Overcome!

  1. I’m not sure I would have done about the motorized wheelchair thing but polite is polite. I might have called her on it. Except that I have a one year resolution to do one kind thing everyday. Not calling her on it would have been that one thing.


  2. Anyone approaching me with a motorized wheelchair or shopping cart, then I try to be on the look out. I’d like to think, if I were ever caught off guard and actually clipped by one that I can remain calm, cool, and collected. I’d also like to think, if someone did this that he/she would be extremely apologetic. Accidents do happen. However, it is the responsibility of the operator to take ever precaution to keep said accidents from occurring to start with.

    Beards I don’t consider all that sexy. In fact, my daddy had a beard and I requested that he shave his before walking me down the isle. He obliged me on my special day, which I totally appreciated and honestly I think he is far better looking without the whiskers.

    Tats…well, I prefer to see naked skin over body artwork any day as this is by far the sexiest, in my opinion. To each his/her own, right? We all can’t be the same.

    You’re so naughty to say you have a name picked out and then not share it. Oh well, that’s fine. It’ll keep us all in suspense till your little girlie arrives. Thanks for stopping by this morning!

  3. A well groomed beard on the right face can look awesome. Others jsut look scruffy. The ones you picked look wonderful.

  4. How rude! I think common courtesy should be shown by all people, no exemptions!

    I love Duck Dynasty, like obsessively love it! But I have to say the beards and unkept hair kinda gross me out.

    Do you teach at FSU or TCC? Just curious because my girl is heading that way in August.

    Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. I’m at FSU and I teach freshman English but I am done for now since I am going on leave in August. BUT, I do help all freshmen with their English courses!

  5. My husband once witnessed a women in crutches sigh heavily as she left his smoothie king counter and make her way to the door. A young guy in his 20’s with no legs who used a skateboard to get around sped to the door to open it for her. After hearing this I’d have to say there is no excuse for a disabled person to claim ignorance of manners and yes you should have yelled at reckless wheelchair driver.

  6. I’m trying to think what I would do if a wheelchair came at me. I figure they should have more tact on how to drive those things if they are using them all the time, right? My husband just finished taking his masters and having to do classes online- I hope he gave good reviews- I am sure you are right– there is always one bad egg in the bunch and they are probably not doing very well either. They like to blame you instead.

  7. Ah!! There’s a very big part of me that wishes you’d tell us the name, and yet another part of me that knows the surprise of finding out after she arrives will be worth it! 😉

    I totally get you on Duck Dynasty. I don’t even think it’s that wonderful, but when it’s on, I watch. Go figure.

    As for the situation of getting mowed down by a physically disabled person in a motorized wheelchair… I honestly don’t know what the correct protocol is. I think if it happened, it would be fair to air your grievances!

  8. Hmm, I’m not sure what I would have done about almost being ran over.. I probably would have kept my mouth shut and then bitched about it when I got home.
    We love Duck Dynasty, it’s pretty funny. I haven’t seen a duck yet either.. strange. I never really thought about that until you said something ha ha!
    Love beards and tattoos!!

  9. Those Duck Dynasty guys are interesting, but those beards make me feel itchy.

    There is always one whiner in the bunch!

    Not many models with beards out there, are there? They’re hot because they’re rare.

  10. If I see someone in a motorized chair or wheel chair, I usually leave them extra room to get by just in case – I’m not sure I would say anything if they clipped me, though I would hope they’d be aware and apologize if that happened (like bumping into someone).

    You’re such a tease! Will you do the big reveal when you introduce us at least? 😉

    I definitely don’t like scraggly or unkempt beards – neatly trimmed, definitely hot. 🙂 So I’d probably never be a Duck Dynasty fan – which is probably one of the reasons I don’t watch. 😉

    That being said, nice Man Candy! 🙂

    Spring Snow, Easter Egg Teaser, Tulip Destructo Kitty and Purple Day: RTT Rebel

  11. I may have said something to the handicapped angry person. I’m assuming they were angry…
    Duck dynasty. I’ve never watched it. Is it really worth it? You didn’t sound super impressed.
    Pregnancy cravings are awesome!

    I wish I could reply to your comments but your a “no reply” commenter!

    Beards are sexy to look at but a little scuffy for my sensitive skin! Lol! Thanks for linking up!

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