MMMM + Rainy/sunny weekend

Though it was only 8:45 last night when I began this post, I was BEAT.  My weekend began around noon on Friday; Ash and I went to Macaroni Grill for lunch and then saw Olympus has Fallen, which was definitely better than I expected.  We had plenty of time afterwards because our pre-arranged babysitter had agreed to just bring the kids home from daycare. (I’d left their carseats for her.) SO, we went to the mall and walked around, marveling at how many people were there – though it WAS Spring Break – and speculating on what a life wherein shopping was that important might be like. I mean, bags upon bags of clothes some of these people had. BUT ANYWAY, we went to Target afterwards for some storage bins and then home to prep for dinner. We did see the boys for about 10 minutes before we left for Shula’s 347. I love going there because, though it’s expensive, I think the experience is worth it. Hotel Duval is pretty classy for Tallahassee and I have never had a bad meal. We had 7 PM reservations and were seated in a smaller room to the right of the main dining area that only had four tables and big flatscreen TV. Couldn’t complain about that! I ordered an 8 ounce filet “Oskar” style”: lump crab meat, asparagus, and Bearnaise sauce on top of that meat. Add in mashed potatoes and sauteed mushrooms and man, one of the best meals I have ever had. AND, I didn’t have to tell children to sit down and be quiet.

Ash took me to Sonic after to get a cherry limeade and then we headed home. It was a fabulous day and I was grateful. Saturday, however, was stressful. The kids were OK but the rain just got in the way. We had Mexican for lunch and I went to World Market during nap for Easter basket things. I had to do laundry since Ash left on Sunday so that also sucked. The day was pretty uneventful and ended with Ash packing for his work trip.

Sunday morning we went to breakfast early – like 6:30 early – and then dropped Ash off at work. The rain was awful so the boys and I went home and started up a movie. Except, five minutes in, we lost power. Sigh. Off to Target, which was successful. The weather started to clear but get get warm. The power came back on but our server (where all the movies are) was not working. We snacked, we had lunch, and the boys took a short nap before tee ball. Elliot never quite woke up from the nap and he was like zombie through practice. Got the server up and running when we got home but it wasn’t connecting to the switch so there were still no movies. Luckily, Ice Age was on TV so I could get a few household things done. It was really hot yesterday (and sunny considering the crazy storms) and even though the boys typically don’t mind it, they had no interest in playing outside. I made various fried things for dinner (chicken nuggets, popcorn shrimp, clams) and broccoli and then the boys decided they were super tired. Baths earlier than normal, a quick trip to Sonic for me (;) ) and then bedtime. I was grateful for the quiet but I woke after a brief nap on the couch around 9:30 and felt panicked, but I have no idea why.

Today begins four days of solo parenting, which should be fine so long as I stay patient and keep the boys happy and entertained. My plan is for about 45 mins to an hour of outdoor play right after school (excepting Wednesday which is tee ball) and then dinner, baths, and a wee bit of TV. Once they’re asleep, I have plenty of organizing to do as we make the transition in the back bedroom from office to nursery and move our remaining office things into the playroom, which will now serve that dual purpose. Fun!


This week’s theme are songs that make your sing the blues or feel sad. I had to dig deep but these are some that really bring me down.

Carly Simon’s song encapsulates how life takes you in these funny directions and sometimes you realize you don’t want it but pretty much have to give in. This song is about defeat.

When this song came out, I had a friend who loved it. The more I listened, I just wondered if he was a masochist because – blimey – this will kill your heart.

This one kills me because he didn’t even see it coming.

7 thoughts on “MMMM + Rainy/sunny weekend

  1. To tell you all the truth I don’t think I’m liking this week’s theme. Not only are we down about that it’s Monday, but all these sad songs are really bringing me down. I don’t know about y’all but I think I’m going to go list to some up tunes so I can get through all these. hehehe Ya done good girlfriend and the last one was the final straw, but they’re all good. Thanks for joining us!

  2. I’m beat right now. Got a head cold yesterday, and I could hardly sleep last night. Loved your songs. Perfect for the way I feel right now.

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