Friday Confessions – TGIF for realz

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I confess… another long week for me and I had some seriously irritated moments. I may not have been the nicest to one of my students who complained that his paper was due this week. They’ve been working on it for five weeks! I was also a little heavy handed on my horn for people trying to make a left at the intersection of College and Monroe. I can clearly see that No Left sign, can’t you?

I confess… I woke up in a crappy mood this morning and got mad at Ash. I wish I hadn’t; this is supposed to be my big birthday extravaganza day and I am already on the path to ruining it. I guess there’s still time: lunch, the movie, and dinner.

I confess… I love my new haircut but it’s definitely shorter than I expected. Whenever the hairdresser washes then combs it out, it’s longer than it will be when dry (obviously, since it’s curly) but I took a whopping 13 inches off and when it dries, it’s too short to put up. I just wanted the option. Oh well. At least I donated my gorgeous hair to Locks for Love.

I confess… wearing my hair down is sometimes annoying to me but I am determined to get over it. I kind of hate the feeling of it touching my face but like most women in the world, I can do this. LOL. I am SO not girly. Maybe having a daughter will change that! I mean, the “girliest” thing I do is getting pedicures.

I confess… I created a Pandora station based on the 5th Dimension, because the XM Love station keeps playing Last Night (I couldn’t get to sleep at all) and man, this station is awesome! I mean, all my favorites are on here. Thanks, Pandora!

I confess… it sucks that it’s supposed to rain all weekend. I was hoping Sunday would be sunny s o the boys could play outside. Solo parenting is easier with more options at my disposal. I may have to get creative with indoor crafts. Le sigh.

I confess… I wasn’t kidding when I said I’d buy myself a cupcake on my official b-day next Weds and cry into it by myself in the kitchen. I’l be sure to take super sad photos. LOL. (Really, birthdays don’t mean all that much to me. I am over-reacting!)

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – TGIF for realz

  1. That’s great you donated your hair to locks of love! Bugger it is too short to put in a pony tail though. I always have to have my hair up, it drives me bonkers when its down.
    Hope you have a great birthday extravaganza!!

  2. Must be in the air….that grumpy thing. Seems our whole house woke up with the grumps. Minus the 4 year old. 😀 she was her usual goofy self

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