Friday Confessions

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I confess… I took myself to Zaxbys and ate bad-for-you food because I was in a bad mood about the budget cuts at school. I basically lost 3k over the summer due to them and it was/is stressing me out.

I confess… I tried to fix a lot of problems with food this week.

I confess… I also took some “mental health” hours yesterday to engage in some retail therapy. Not much; just a wee bit of Target dollar aisle shopping. But oh how it makes me feel better.

I confess… I have got to get on that elliptical more often. It makes me feel like a whole person when I am working out.

I confess… I laughed out loud at this parody of the “We Saw Your Boobs” song at the Oscars. Turnabout is fair play.

I confess… I finished all my grading yesterday… and then two more people turned papers in at the last minute. Argh.

I confess… I am not sorry to see February go. Most people I know didn’t like that month and we’re all happy it’s March.


So happy March! Have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessions

  1. Three cheers for retail therapy! I’m happy to hear someone else does that too. Sounds like we’ve had similar weeks with food and all.

    Feb is a good month. I like it and can scarcely believe it is over already.

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