Well I sometimes…

Second Blooming



Ooh, I kind of like this one. It’s almost like a prayer for good intentions. Or a confession. or a combination of both.


Sometimes… I fall asleep on the couch at 9 PM, then wake up for an hour, then go back to bed.

Sometimes… at work, I spend the entire first hour blogging and listening to hair metal.

Sometimes… I am judging everyone around me and thinking I’m better. I know I shouldn’t but old habits die hard.

Sometimes… I get really angry at my parents for not bettering their situation. My dad has been unemployed for almost 2 years and he won’t lower his standards just a wee bit. And then they keep promising to move here and yet, nothing ever changes.

Sometimes… I write a 2 when I meant to write an R.

Sometimes… I wish I could be be everyone’s freelance editor. I see so many spelling/grammar errors in public spaces. Please, please let me fix that for you, places that should be more professional than that.

Sometimes… I wish I could find one job that would pay me the equivalent of what I make with these (4). But I know my skills as a glorified secretary won’t get me that far. And really, there’s no market for teachers. We’ve sort of stopped valuing that, haven’t we?

Sometimes… I listen to murder trials on the HLN XM station, even though I kind of don’t even care. I never even heard about this Jody Arias thing until the trail began. Also, she’s totally guilty.

Sometimes… I get into this mode of thinking where I feel I deserve something. Like, ok, today would be a good day for someone to magically do something nice for me. I know these things cannot be asked or wished for, but I still get this “I deserve” idea. Ugh.

Sometimes… I wish we made more money and lived in a bigger house but then I have to stop myself and be thankful for what we do have. It could be a hell of a lot worse.


Ok, that’s it. Head over to SecondBlooming to do this meme yourself.


3 thoughts on “Well I sometimes…

  1. Oh man, the freelance editor thing really got me. Here in LA, we have a ton of businesses owned by immigrants from may various places, and they’ll put up signs in the worst English! And I don’t blame them, because English is clearly their second language, but these signs are made at a sign company – shouldn’t somebody at the sign company be doing a spellcheck for them?? Don’t people at sign companies say things like “That isn’t an actual sentence…let me help you make that right.” Ergh.

    You are linked!

  2. Grammar and spelling drive me nuts too. Especially when it’s in the newspaper. They have editors, why aren’t they doing their job?
    Although, thank god for spell check–I’d look way dumber without it as I don’t type well.

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