Friday Confessional – Chugging along

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I confess… I slept waaay better last night but I did get up once around 2 and lay on the couch. Turns out my new couch is way awesome for reclining but if you lay on your side for too long, it can be a real pain.

I confess… I was a whiny bitch this week. I’m getting better though, really, so I should just shut up. Like everyone says when they try to help you feel better about pregnancy: it doesn’t last forever.

I confess… in years past, I was scared to death of having a girl. There are multiple reasons: raising one is a lot harder with all these stupid societal things, I am not very girly so I feel like I might let her down, and I really don’t get excited about girl clothes. There’s an inherent feeling in each mother, I believe, that draws you to one gender over the other. I was drawn to having sons. HOWEVER, I have actually come to terms with the possibility that this child could be a girl. (This actually surprises me. ) And I think that would be cool. I know how boys work now and it would be a real life experience to have a daughter. I may feel like I’ve missed out if I have all boys. But also, having three boys would bring a lot of comments from people and I love to argue, so there’s that! But I can’t change what it is now and come March 7th, I’ll know one way or another.

I confess… I also sort of hope it’s a girl because then people will probably throw me nice showers because, “Oh, you must have no girl things!” 😉 wink wink

I confess…it annoys me that Luke Bryan only ever goes to Panama City. I know that’s his audience ( drunk twenty-somethings?) but come on, Luke. Get on over here. If Zac Brown can do the Civic Center, so can you, babe.

I confess… I’ve been having this weird feeling like I am trapped. Like, trapped in my skin, in my clothes, even when they are big and comfortable. When I get in my car in the afternoon, I have to roll down the windows to keep from feeling claustrophobic. I have never felt like that before. I guess it’s a pregnancy thing. I remember this girl in my Photo 1 class in junior year who flipped out being in the dark dark room (where you take the film out of its container and roll it into the developing canister). She literally ran screaming from the room. I sometimes feel like that and I HAVE to go outside. Sometimes, I feel like that at 2 AM but I am way too afraid of going out to the deck and scaring one of the feral cats that is inevitably camping out back there.

I confess… I’m feeling super motivated right now so I had better take advantage and get things done. Happy Friday  Have a good weekend!

6 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Chugging along

  1. Yay for new couches! I’m excited to find out the gender of the new baby. Looking forward to March 7. That claustrophobia feeling is hard. Here’s hoping that goes away when the pregnancy is over.

    Thanks for linking up for Friday Confessional. Have a fabulous weekend!

  2. I wish that I had a comfy reclining couch – we’ve been looking at some but haven’t quite came across the right one for the right price ha ha.
    When I was pregnant the doctor told me it was an 80% I was having a girl.. I don’t know how she figured that because the baby wouldn’t stop running marathons in my tummy.. but I got all excited and happy that I was having a girl (because that is what I wanted super bad).. well surprise he was a boy at my next ultrasound! I was devastated. But, once he was born I couldn’t have been happier. We have three boys and I love it!
    Hope you keep that motivation!

  3. Oooh! I would love to have a couch that reclines. I miss that so much! I slept on the couch almost my entire pregnancy.

    I think you deserve to be whiney while pregnant. But that’s just me 🙂

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