Friday Confessional


I confess… I could eat eggs for every single meal. I can’t seem to get enough.

I confess… You know what else I want to eat in mass quantities? Steak. And I am not normally a steak person.

I confess… I am totally ready for the weekend, even though tomorrow’s going to be nuts: soccer pics at 9, game at 10, Ash will be gone most of the rest of the day for a card tournament and it’ll be just me and the kiddos. Maybe I relish the challenge.

I confess… I know Matisyahu has been around a while now but I really like this song:

I confess… I have been listening to a lot of reggae lately. The last time I did that? 8th Grade.

I confess… my latest purchase obsession is wooden tray and cactus planters, to be used together of course. I am so bad at keeping plants alive but I should do OK with cacti.

I confess… Ash and I found this channel we have called the American Auction Network and on weekends, late at night, they’re auctioning off plots of land and houses down south and it’s hilarious to watch these guys try to sell pieces of crap. But they did have a few beach homes in Cocoa. Nothing special but it’s a dream of ours to have one down there for vacations.


5 thoughts on “Friday Confessional

  1. What a fun song! I hope you enjoy the weekend…just you and kiddos. Steak and eggs sounds pretty good right now. Maybe I’ll go treat myself at the awful Waffle House for lunch =D

    Thanks for joining the Friday Confessional party. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. I’ve never heard that song before and I love it! Its so upbeat! And steak does sound good…even at breakfast! Hmmm…may have to alter the menu for dinner tonight.

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