Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – A smattering of things


Seriously Shawn

OK, this is it: the week I get organized and get stuff accomplished… right after I write this post. 🙂

  • My weekend was pretty darn awesome; mostly because I a.) didn’t feel any sort of work pressures, b.) we did a lot of family stuff and c.) got  a few house things done.
  • On Sunday afternoon, I ran up to Fresh Market for a few things and got haggled by a woman, probably in her 40s, with a small baby in a carrier. She seemed nice enough but needed money for diapers. I felt bad for her but I don’t carry cash. She was certainly in the right neighborhood though. Sadly, I feel like that was probably her kid’s kid, if you know what I mean.
  • Two weeks in a row I have missed Bones. I keep forgetting that it’s Monday night!
  • I made a bacon guacamole grilled cheese sandwich this weekend as an experiment and I think it would have been better with a big juicy burger and a couple slices of tomato in the middle.
  • I am STILL trying to get through The Hobbit, which should take any good reader about 3 solid hours. My problem is that I just keep reading one small chapter at a time.
  • While walking in the woods yesterday morning, a train came along and the boys were simply enthralled. We were no more than 30 feet from the tracks; what a very cool experience.
  • It’s too bad we don’t have passenger trains run through here anymore. I would love to take a cross-country train trip.
  • Can you believe that we’re 3/4 of the way through January? That seems insane to me!
  • I’m looking for new blogs and memes to follow. If anyone has some good suggestions, I’d be thrilled!

And today, you get a rugged guy and cacti… because I like those things. Happy Tuesday!tumblr_mgy2bfEFpz1qaak3fo1_500

5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – A smattering of things

  1. Taking a train trip is fun.
    Our boys like watching the trains come through here, freight trains, but still it’s a train!

  2. Cacti and rugged men are awesome!

    We keep talking about a trip to a town where they have a steam train, and taking a ride. The boy would love that, and we could tie in a visit to the stockyards in Ft. Worth.

    That grilled cheese sounds yummy. I am going to go have a burger for lunch in your honor…

  3. Ah, the hagglers. We have them in our town. Unfortunately, it’s usually guys who don’t have enough money to buy smokes. Nice.

    Your grilled cheese sounds delicious… yum…

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