MMMM + This weekend ain’t over yet

That’s right, we’re off today for MLK so I’m still rockin’ the weekend vibes. Got up when the kids did and made my coffee, enjoyed the sunrise. That is one thing I will say about this 3 day-er after the craziness of the beginning of 2013: I truly enjoyed my time. And the things is, we didn’t do anything special. Soccer on Saturday and some laying in the sun. (Hey, we live in Florida.)I made a very good lasagna on Sunday – better than normal – and my plan for today is to either utilize these old bananas or he frozen hand-picked blueberries. It’s cooler today than the past two but we may walk some of the trails in the local park. I feel like it’s something the kids would like but they always end of complaining… which is why we keep doing it. Builds character, makes you tougher.

Without further ado – and because there’s not a whole lot else to report – here’s your freebie music for the week.



I had a hard time coming up with stuff but when I was sick, I was watching one of those VH1 countdown lists and it was 40 greatest one hit wonders of the 90s. This appeals to me because I was really into music then so this brings back a lot of memories. Here are a few I really loved.

Dude, this was cool at the time, ok?

Despite what the announcer on this show said about this being their only hit, I really loved this whole album in 1998.

It may not have been “cool” to like this song but my parents did and I grew to love it.

5 thoughts on “MMMM + This weekend ain’t over yet

  1. Those are some great songs.
    We get an extra day too. Since I have my talk to give this week, I really could have used teh distraction of work, but I’ll try to enjoy today.

  2. I don’t remember Marc Cohn, but I sure do like his style. I’m gonna have to check more of his music out on YouTube. Thanks for joining us on Monday’s Music Moves Me. Enjoy your off day

  3. I think ICE was just a boy who liked to dance. He never really went anywhere. He had a few problems too didn’t he? The next one I’ve never heard before, but I sure love walkin’ in Memphis. Great choices my friend. Thanks for sharing & playing along with us.

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