Friday confessional – 3 Day Weekend style



I confess… I don’t understand the draw to either Bradley Cooper or Ryan Gosling. Cooper makes me want to punch his face in and maybe I just need to watch more Gosling movies to get the appeal.I just think he looks too boyish. Though, I do want to see Gangster Squad.

I confess… I was super nervous about my appointment yesterday but everything is fine! I am 11 weeks, 2 days and doing well. The doctor put some of my worries to rest (taking antibiotics very early on, etc.) so now I feel pretty good.

I confess… I am so excited about eating this Starbucks breakfast sandwich today. I wake up every day just starving.

I confess… I don’t know what we’ll do with this three day weekend but I was thinking about walking in the woods. Except the high on Monday is only 52. Um, brr… for outdoor stuff that is. We’re Florida people after all.

I confess… my school/work just issued a challenge to all the schedulers (which I am one of) to get a certain percentage of the Fall schedule done by a certain date. There is a prize involved. I am super busy but this just got bumped to top priority. I am always up for a challenge!

I confess… I had to kind of get on my students already. The fourth day of our class meeting and most of them a.) didn’t do the reading or b.) bring the book. And five were actually absent! I reminded them that they chose to come to college so they’d better do the work. I HATE starting off a semester this way.

Ok folks, your turn!

4 thoughts on “Friday confessional – 3 Day Weekend style

  1. Bradley Cooper, I understand. I’ve never quite understood his appeal. Ryan Gosling, though? I’m a fan. Especially after seeing Crazy Stupid Love. I adored him in that movie.

  2. I like Bradley Cooper in the A Team. But he’s not my go to guys for cute actor and Ryan Gosling does nothing for me really. I like my actors a bit more rugged. If I want perfect I go more for Matt Damon.

  3. Congratulations on the baby. I am sorry your new semester isn’t starting out that great. We are having your high today and our Monday is suppose to be a high of 9. Makes Monday a little less wanting to go outside.

    I hope you have a wonderful three day weekend. Checking in from Friday Confessionals.

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