2012 Review – Next 3 months

This week, I am tackling April through June in my look back at the fabulous year 2012!

In April, I bought my first pair of Vibrams, got contemplative about my life, celebrated Isaac’s second birthday and got really into Jimmy Buffet.

In May, we went to my friend, Jon’s, 40th birthday, I started dreaming about a beach vacation, went to the beach and celebrated mother’s day,  Elliot graduated VPK and we went to Wild Adventures Theme Park, and I tried to changed some of my ways.

In June, I got my new tattoo, wrote a to-do list that talked about our trees being removed, Got a new A/C unit and scanned some old photos, stayed in a Disney Hotel for a few days, and I didn’t blog on the 29th or 30th because that’s when we started dealing with the Iggy problem, which will show up in my July recap. 😦

May was when my life got super hectic and I can tell you, July through about September, I was super depressed. But you get to read that next week! Here are some photos from these months for you to enjoy!2



6 thoughts on “2012 Review – Next 3 months

  1. I remember you got your tattoo around the time I started talking about wanting one – I still haven’t taken the plunge! I need to be sure of where I want it, and I still haven’t decided…

  2. Cute Easter picture! Fun that you were able to celebrate Mother’s day on the beach. Fun tattoo- I don’t think I could ever get one- not a big needle fan. Looking back like this it really makes it easier to see how the good and bad times in our lives really do come in waves- but thankfully the waves keep going and bad times do end.
    Thanks for recapping!

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