Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – various and some GIFs!


Seriously Shawn

Lots of things going on today, you know, like VOTING. Whomever you choose, just get out there and do it. And thank God this means the end of those damn political ads!

  • SO ::clap clap:: did you vote? I did it last week so there were no lines and I got it out of the way. I’m happy with my choices. Ash asked if I re-elected Obama and I told him I’d rather not discuss my choices. There would be no winning that conversation on either side. And I’m not telling YOU either. 😉
  • You know Brantley Gilbert, the country singer? Most of his songs are not like “Country Must Be Country Wide.” They’re actually a lot more ballad-like. And pretty darn good.
  • Last night, Isaac didn’t actually ingest any of his dinner, though he chewed it. Going through an odd phase where he chews food but doesn’t actually eat it. This morning, he was ravenous.
  • Since I was feeling sick over the weekend, I didn’t run. But today, oh today, I must. Kind of not looking forward to how THAT’S going to feel.
  • Keurig owners, a question: I currently drink mostly Newman’s Own dark roast but do you have any suggestions for good medium roasts? I enjoyed almost all the ones from my initial variety pack (thinking of buying another just for the fun of it) but I’d take recs on good mid-level flavors.
  • I’ve been thinking about another tattoo, one that encompasses a tree with really awesome branches and the names of my children woven within them. However, if I am going to have another baby, then I guess I’d better wait. If it’s a boy, I already know that name. If a girl, I have no earthly idea, but her middle name will be Ash’s mother’s. I promised him.
  • FYI: the only girl’s name I ever liked was Zoey and, sadly, we named our dog that. I couldn’t do that to a child and tell her, well, that dog will die in a few years and you’ll be the only Zoey then.
  • ANYwho, I have a million and one papers to grade and some work to do before my boss gets in so today, oh today is your lucky day. I’m giving you gifs instead of photos. Magic Mike and a couple Chris Hemsworth, because I can. And I will.


5 thoughts on “Random (Talk to us) Tuesday – various and some GIFs!

  1. All political Champaign ads are usually terrible with each side claiming to be the better candidate. It gets really ugly. Like you, I’ll be happy when this part is done. I voted early, too, and am happy that’s behind me. I don’t mind telling anyone who asks who I voted for, but if you’ve been following my blog for awhile then you may already know who I my preferred Presidential choice is. ^.^ Thanks for visiting on Random Tuesday Thoughts. You’re such a faithful friend to frequent my site. Have a super Tuesday!

  2. Thank you for Channing dancing for me. Makes my day, every damn time.

    I have tried so many different Keurig roasts, and I honestly can’t tell you which one is my favourite. I really like the Starbucks Pike Place roast, I think it’s called. Right now I’m stuck on Green Mountain Hazlenut. soooo yummy with a splash of French Vanilla Coffemate.

  3. We head to the polls this after noon–the perk of living in a small town. The polls are never crowded.
    Bruiser has his moments when he decides that he doesn’t want to eat dinner either. Since I’m no short order cook, he either eats what he will, or waits for breakfast. Makes him eat about anything put in front of him when he skips dinner.

  4. I love the Donut Shop medium roast and the Caribou medium roast. Both seem smoother than the others.

    I voted last week as well. I didn’t want to leave it to chance that I wouldn’t be able to make it to the polls. I will say that I did vote for a referendum that would provide funds for a city-wide PK program, because early intervention is awesome to this house full of educators.

    It’s too bad you couldn’t find a .gif of Joe M. for today. That man makes my toes curl!

  5. I am so glad the elections are over- what a nightmare. And yea definitely not a good idea to name one of your kids after the dog-years of therapy there 😉

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