Friday Confessional – Still in the haze of semi-sick


I confess… I went home at 3 yesterday because this cold I’ve been trying to get finally caught up to me. I took a steaming hot bath then passed out for an hour. Still felt like trash but managed to drag my ass to the grocery store; we had nothing!

I confess… I had more work to do so while the boys started watching Tarzan, I worked through my stuffed nose, headache, and chills.

I confess… once I finished said work, I parked it on the couch and watched both college and pro football with the hubs. And it was a great night for FSU!

I confess… I sometimes really hate dropping Ell off at school. The drop-off line is particularly annoying: people simply park instead of kick their kids out (tuck and roll!) and then you have the a-holes who turn left into the line, which is forbidden, hence the big ass sign in the middle of the road. But they still do it and that makes me SO ANGRY.

I confess… I’d actually like to start Xmas shopping now, though since we’re going out of town, I don’t *really* need to buy anything for my parents until we see them in January.

I confess… we’re looking at getting Elliot a tablet for Christmas and now we both want one too. I kind of want the Kindle Fire hd.

I confess… it’s time to do a couple student conferences and then I have beaucoup de grading left. Le sigh. (And apparently, I am French today!)

Peace out, dearest readers!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Still in the haze of semi-sick

  1. Those signs at the drop off lane are for everyone else right? They don’t apply to me, cause I’m only doing it this one time.
    I’d love a Kindle Fire, but will wait a few more years before we become that plugged in.

  2. OMG I used to babysit a 7yo that I dropped off and picked up last year. I wanted to get out of my car and do bodily harm to some of the parents that did that sort of crap, it put other kids at risk! If everyone would follow the rules things would roll (no pun intended) smoothly!

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