Friday Confessional – Whatevah, I Do What I Want

I was channeling Cartman in my title, if you didn’t get that reference 😉

I confess… I am, right now, listening to James Taylor’s Christmas album. Yes, even though it is only November second, I am jammin’ to some classic Christmas tunes.

I confess… I didn’t run a single day this week! Though I am pretty sure I’ll do a fiver tomorrow morning. I have that 15k coming up in a month.

I confess… I really enjoyed not having to worry about working in a run. I was busy enough this week with extra work, Halloween, and life in general.

I confess… we watched Pete’s Dragon last night with the kids and – I bet you didn’t know this about me – I really do love a good musical. I’d say my favorite is either State Fair  or High Society.

I confess… I just donated some money for disaster relief efforts in the Northeast. I know some people lost pretty much everything so it’s the least I can do. Literally.

I confess… I called CVS yesterday and told them, for next Tuesday, don’t bother refilling my birth control. That’s right, we’re crazy. I mean, uh, we’re going for number three! It was a hard decision, one we’ve been talking about for a long time. But I think I finally realized just how wonderful being a parent really is and why not? Who knows what our next creation will be??

Well, I think that’s enough confessing for one day! Have a good weekend.

6 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Whatevah, I Do What I Want

  1. Good luck with the baby olympics. Hope you win the gold. And remember it’s not something in the water but something in the air that causes babies. They are called feet.
    I too really enjoy musicals. Hello Dolly is one of my very favorites, but the whole family loves Mamma Mia and Nick and I really enjoyed Rock of Ages. If you enjoyed the 80s hair bands then check it out–it’s a bit cheesy but really fun. Not wildly kid friendly though.

  2. Congrats! That is a big decision. But I have to tell you- my third, well he is totally my favorite 🙂 Plus going into it I knew he was going to be my last so I just really enjoyed him as a baby so much.
    I like musicals too- my husband not as much so I have to watch them when he is not around.

  3. That was nice of you to donate money for relief efforts. I have a niece who listens to Christmas music all year long. I wish you all the best in your efforts of conceiving a baby. You’re right, being a parent is pretty awesome.

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