Friday Confessions – Have at me


I confess… I was actually sort of worried I may be pregnant. But given that things have not been normal since the appendix surgery, I should have known better than to worry.

I confess… I really want to clean my office before I leave today; I think it will help my overall mindstate.

I confess… I am actually torn on the presidential vote. I know that in my heart of hearts, I want to vote for Obama (if nothing else than Mittens is a huge moron) but I worry that Obamacare will affect my healthcare and look, our country was founded on the idea that you can make it what you want and everyone fends for themselves. The more we help EVERYONE, the lesshave. I know that’s selfish. I also know that I want affordable healthcare for people like my sister who worked hard in jobs for years that did not give her benefits. See? So torn! There are a lot of issues that decide it one way or another for each guy. I just wish there was a mystery 3rd option who would actually improve our country. Because neither of these clowns are gonna do it, that’s for sure.

I confess… this week kicked my ass, and I didn’t even do all that much. Between the migraine, other headaches, and whatnot, I feel like I’ve been pummeled.

I confess… part of this headache may have been those margaritas last night. I went to dinner with a friend and probably should have had less to drink.

I confess… this gray, overcast day reminds me of what Dothan, Alabama looks like around Thanksgiving. Though it is considerably warmer here and I really want to know where my cold weather is. I mean, it’s time.

I confess… I am going to be hella busy between now and 8 PM tonight so I’m out. Have a good weekend!

4 thoughts on “Friday Confessions – Have at me

  1. First…margaritas are almost always worth it. =)

    Second…I work in the health insurance market, so if there are questions on the healthcare bill…feel free to send me an email. I don’t have all the answers, but I do speak “insurance” so I might be able to clarify a few things. But I’m with you, I’m not thrilled with either candidate.

    Thanks for linking up this week. Have a fabulous weekend!

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