MMMM + What weekend?

It certainly feels like the weekend passed by in a blur of cooking and football. Because that was mostly what we did. On Saturday morning, I ran 11 and it was… ok. Had some stomach issues but it was over before I knew it. I gathered the kids and hit the grocery store while Ash ran so I could get the last ingredients for my cooking plan for the day. Basically, I wanted to make a crockpot chicken thing and an apple foldover. I ended up making two of those because I peeled more apples than would fit in one pie crust. I gifted my neighbor with the other one. I also made the apple peel twigs in the new Martha (p.60 if you’re interested). Basically, it’s the excess apple peels with cinnamon and sugar, dried to a crispy state. The kids loved them! So yeah, got my crockpot going and then it rained so the kids and I didn’t end up going to the playground, which had been my plan since Ash was at a card tournament thing all day. Actually, and all night; he got home around 9:45 and I made my last meal of the day: spaghetti just for him. I was really glad that our Sunday football buddy, Mike, agreed to bring pizza instead of me cooking my normal big Sunday meal; I was burned out on cooking.

Ash ran Sunday morning, the kids and I went to Target, and I got a bunch of random chores done. Not the typical ones (though I did sweep) but little things like cleaning off the top of the washer and drier, which inevitably collect excess detergent and dust, etc. I also found a long lost bag of Elliot’s old shoes that I had been searching for: the one with size 8s! Yay! I was bidding on a pair – the only pair – of size 8 blue shoes on ebay and some woman, somewhere in the world, was furiously outbidding me. Well, she can have ’em; I found some already.

The rest of Sunday was all football and craziness; the kids got really into screaming at the Packers game with Ash so for about ten entire minutes, it was pure chaos in my house. But everyone was relatively happy so I guess I can’t ask for much more.

Once the kids were in bed, I logged onto and looked for a reasonable 12 minute workout, which is mostly what they have. Our dental hygienist recommended the site when she used it in lieu of Insanity! and P90X. And man, it will work you. There’s one couple on there who do some nice exercises that will get your heart rate up; I was sweating! I am going to try and do it every day if I can. Running alone is not helping me lose weight.



It’s a freebie week and I haven’t been into any new stuff lately so here’s a track off of Florida Georgia Line’s album; the one they don’t play on the radio every ten seconds.

6 thoughts on “MMMM + What weekend?

  1. Weekends are usually hectic for us. I hear you about the weight loss thingy. I’m going to kick things up by switching back to my floor aerobics and give my cycling a rest. The good thing is my weight isn’t going up. That’s always a plus. But, I want to bust two pounds off this week putting me at 110, but want I really want is to get over the 110 hurdle which I haven’t been in several years. We can do this, we can bet the scales! =D Thanks for dancing with us on Monday’s Music Moves Me!

  2. I know how you feel about being burnt out from cooking – I did that every so often, make two or three things in one day, and then I don’t feel like cooking again for weeks!!

  3. Guess I miss having kids around because mine are all grown now. So I have years of me time except when they come over of course then it’s shopping time or dinner together. We’re a music house here. We don’t do sports & every Sunday is band practice here. I’m glad at least hubby is here and I’m not left alone every week. Cute choice of music. Turn up the speakers!!!!!!!!!

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