Friday Confessional – Maybe I need a blog break too


I confess… I brought my laptop to work so I can play Torchlight II this afternoon. Ok, maybe this morning too.

I confess... This week has been a blur. I got things done but I have been sort of… absent from my own life, in some ways. One morning, though, I do recall being exceptionally happy. I wish I could remember why.

I confess… I have not being eating very well this week. Nothing awful but just not a lot of healthy foods. Back on track next week and I will also start doing

I confess… I am in a bad mood for no reason at all.

I confess… I am contemplating leaving a bit early and looking at shoes. I was Sperry type shoes for winter but I always try them on and feel unhappy. I don’t know why! I WILL find some I like, darnit.

I confess… I am going to pretty much slack off all day. So there!

5 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – Maybe I need a blog break too

  1. Everyone needs a slack off day from time to time – I’m kinda having one myself!!! (In fact…I think I kinda slack every Friday… lol) Have a great weekend 🙂

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