Random (talk to us) Tuesday – Definitely random edition

Oh man, it’s my favorite month, y’all. OCTOBER!


Seriously Shawn

  • I LOVE October so very much but where, pray tell, is my cool weather? Dammit.
  • There are a lot of things on my to-do list for this month; I am thinking that a definitive written list must actually be created, in order to keep them all straight.
  • I started doing videos on Bodyrock.tv, which has interval training and they’re mostly 12 minutes long. I tell you, it will kick your ass. I have done it twice and I am sore! But I can see it really working to strengthen and lose some weight.
  • My Swap-o-ween box is all ready to go and though we’re supposed to mail them Friday, I think mine will go out Wednesday, only because I have time then and have to mail my sister’s VERY belated birthday gift as well. FINALLY.
  • It’s picture day at Elliot’s school and I was a little miffed that it seems you MUST prepay. There was no talk of proofs and then decisions. SO, I got the cheapest set and hope for the best, though Elliot is pretty good at smiling. (Photo a wee dark but I love it; it’s natural.)
  • Not that you care but I have to go bra shopping. I HATE bra shopping. It’s so painful because of the different styles and the various issues like smooshing, half pop-outs and the like. I’m going to have to muster the courage to do it soon.
  • Elliot’s school changed their lunch menu to now include one vegetarian option. What, do we live in California now? Actually, I don’t mind it, I just think it’s amusing. I think it’s great that he has more options and he may try something new. He ate fried okra the other day! (This needs a #SouthernBoy hashtag.)
  • About a year ago, the spring on my glasses arm broke and I have been super gluing it ever since. Well, this past weekend, the arm fell off altogether so I think I may actually have to bite the bullet and go to the eye doctor, which is such a rip.
  • I still have to watch the last Dr. Who episode but I am know it’s suppsoed to be sad. And why are people saying it was the season finale? Wasn’t it, like, the fourth episode? What’s going on? (Those of you who watch…)
  • A novella by one of my favorite authors, Lauren Dane, came out today and though I have two books waiting for me on my nightstand, I am totally buying this one instead. So excited!

And how about a cowboy for you today? Always appropriate.

9 thoughts on “Random (talk to us) Tuesday – Definitely random edition

  1. It’s the fall finale. Like Breaking Bad had a fall finale. Then Dr. Who has a Christmas special, then they come back in the spring.

    Also, why the California jab? Makes you sound intolerant. I’m not a vegetarian person myself, but school lunches are changing because of federal regulations. Everybody is “California” now so kids can (maybe) be healthier.

  2. School pictures are a hit and miss thing–they should do retakes if they are absolutely awful. Turbo’s school has a retake day.

  3. Love the cowboy picture… just had to put that there first :). And school pictures are always horrid. they should allow you to see them first! That would be so much better! And IMO they are pricy! for usually not great.

  4. Bra shopping is so painful. I try to buy a really good bra (or two) that will last for a while so I don’t have to go very often. But when you get pregnant and your girls grow 2 sizes, you have to do something! Ugh.

    My husband is from Michigan. He had never even heard of Okra until he met me. His parents had heard of it but never tried it. They can’t get it up there but when they come down here, they eat it up! They love it! SCORE!!!

    Yes, Florida is awesome! I kinda wish I lived there. The weather was perfect! I’m totally jealous of you and Shawn.

    Cowboy up!!! NIIIICE pic!!!

    1. Jude takes the WORST school pictures. It’s ridiculous. You are wise to go with the small package. We watched the Doctor Who “fall season finale” (which is kind of silly) and yes, you will cry. Warning: Weeping Angels. I probably stupidly let Jude watch, and he is now totally freaked out by all statues! Oops.

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