All manner of WORDS Wednesday

In the absence of  WWTK, I chose to do this meme.

This is Elliot on his way to school, playing Angry Birds on my ipod. Mornings are different for us now since I drop Isaac off, then Ell comes with me to get coffee and then I take him to kindergarten. I really thought taking two kids to different schools would ruin my morning routine but it’s been working out. And when he’s out of sorts, I let him play games, even though I have forever been against needing entertainment in the car for quick trips (less than 30 minutes).

(sorry for the poor phone camera quality. click to embiggen.)

I think he looks so grown up here!

Kindegraten has been good and bad for him; he’s had some not so great behaviour days but then, has had some great weeks. Last week he got all marks higher than green, which is awesome. yesterday, he came home on yellow and yet, insisted he was actually on orange, which is worse. He is learning things from some, well, less than savory boys in his class. In the span of two minutes, he told Isaac that he hated him and he was a loser, then shoved him. This is pretty unlike my Elliot so I figure it’s just public school and him not yet making the right decisions. But he will, because he’s smart and not one to follow the crowd. He just has to adjust, I know it.

I really like watching him grow and challenge himself through these various phases, even if they are kind of a pain. I get so frustrated when he’s in moods like that when he “hates everything”. (What are you? 13?) But it’s all part of the process of growing into a little boy and then a teenager and then a man. Crazy.

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