Tacos Gringos is yummy!

I’m not a food blog but for lack of anything else to say today, I’ll write about where I ate lunch: the Tacos Gringos food truck.
Food trucks are all the rage these days and I knew this one frequented areas around campus, because it is run by my friend from work and her husband. Today, they were at the corner of Pensacola and Woodward, in front of the Hillel house. While talking to my friend’s husband, Jason, I found out that they’re doing quite well at all their locations except that one. But he also admitted that they haven’t advertised that spot very well either.

We chatted while my order – one Magpie (original empanada) and one cheeseburger empanada – were being prepared. I chose to walk back to my office, a mere five minutes away, with my food and eat in the coo, since it was blazing hot, at noon, even though it is supposedly only 83 out.

When I got back to my office (and turned on a fan) I was happy to see my food was still quite hot.

I cut open and bit into the Magpie first, which was pretty darn tasty: the outside was crispy and rich and the meat inside had a good spice to it, though I thought it was a little tomatoey for my tastes. The cheeseburger empanada came with a special sauce (probably just mustard and ketchup) and I tried a little on the Magpie for kicks; made it better! Jason told me most people use hot sauce on it but I’m not a fan.

The cheeseburger emapanda was my favorite of the two: well done beef infused with what seemed like white American and then dipped in the sauce… fantastic! They’re not huge but two of them were sufficient and I am very glad I walked down there.

2 thoughts on “Tacos Gringos is yummy!

  1. Sounds yummy… My mom made empanadas once, and they were a hit! I like the show Eat Street, ever watch it? They travel around finding the best food trucks in North America. Always makes me want to open one!!!

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